Explain why OneDrive for Web pages doesn't work

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Recently, a large-scale advance, X dropped line, and then to OneDrive hands. Unfortunately and fortunately, OneDrive (with and only) has been wiped out, and it's only superficial, stating that something is not daring to Microsoft, after all, it is actively cooperating.

So I just (killed) analyze the reason why OneDrive can't access it properly!
: local route trace 650) this.width=650; "src=" http://hjc.im/content/images/2014/Jul/capture-1.jpg "/> You can see that the domain name has been resolved to, with something of the wits of the people actually know that this is a (seems to be South Korea, reference hop in kt.expo.or.kr) does not exist in the IP, the previous Google services were disturbed by the time is a wide range of resolution to this IP. (Wikipedia DNS pollution entry can be verified)

: Route tracking and Ping 650 on the Tokyo service period) this.width=650; "Src=" http://hjc.im/content/images/2014/Jul/capture-0. PNG "/> Need to note that the OneDrive web version front-end in Windows Azure, so it is not normal to ping (hardware firewall), tracking down to find the United States.

Under normal circumstances, mainland users visiting the OneDrive page should be resolved to, and the target of abnormal resolution is a common pollution target, so it can be directly determined that DNS pollution.

The client is still undisturbed because the client does not directly access onedrive.live.com, but instead accesses the address of its API.

We can use to change the hosts method on the OneDrive page, in the hosts to add the following content can be onedrive.live.com

Update: Thank slice for the hosts skyapi.onedrive.live.com

Only add onedrive.live.com appears to appear folders, files can not display the situation

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