(EXT) Intranet site to the external network-nat123 dynamic public network IP dynamic Domain name resolution

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The router is assigned a dynamic public IP, and has router login administrative rights, and the Web server is deployed in the router's internal network. How to publish the intranet website to the extranet for public access? Solution:Intranet use nat123 dynamic Domain name resolution, real-time domain name fixed to the routing public IP, and then on the router to do site port mapping. When an extranet accesses a Web site, it uses dynamic resolution of the domain name. implementation process:1, clear the site intranet access address port, to ensure that the site service is normal, in the intranet can access the connection. If my intranet site access address is If the 80 port of the local public network IP is blocked, you can replace the other website port or use the nat123 80 mapping to penetrate the solution.

2, use nat123 dynamic Domain name resolution. The intranet server installs the Nat123 client and uses it.

Sign in with your own account. If there is no account, "registered account" to enter the site to register an account.

Go to the main panel/Domain name resolution list/Add domain name.

Select the dynamic Domain name resolution record, use a free two-level domain name, or your own domain name. The mouse is placed in the input box with a wizard prompt.

After you add dynamic resolution, view the status in the resolved list in the domain name resolution. The dynamic resolution domain name corresponds to the local public network IP.

3, router port mapping, route map Web Access port. Because the public network IP is on the router, the external network access, need to go through the route, need to do port mapping on the router, the intranet site access port through. Router Port mapping Location: Forwarding rules/Virtual server/Add allow extranet access ports and protocols. My website port is 80, my intranet corresponding website host's intranet IP address is

4, when the external network access, use dynamic resolution domain name. When you access a Web site in an external network, you use dynamic resolution domain names for connection access. Domain name is unchanged, you can access the Internet, no longer worry about the dynamic public network IP change problem.

As a soft route, you can also use the nat123 Dynamic Domain name resolution HTTP interface call implementation directly in the route. If the 80 port of the local public network IP is blocked, you can replace the other website access port, or use the nat123 80 map to penetrate the solution. 80 after mapping, you can configure the local public network IP acceleration, Web site data load the local site server, to play local bandwidth advantage. If there is no public IP locally, you can also use the Nat123 port mapping method to publish intranet sites to the extranet. Nat123 Port map connectivity inside and outside the network does not need routing settings, do not need public IP, you can use the Internet.

(EXT) Intranet site to the external network-nat123 dynamic public network IP dynamic Domain name resolution

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