Failed to start MySQL after adding skip-innodb

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In small memory VPS, kids shoes (including me) generally love to do the so-called "optimization". Among them, MySQL optimization has three parameters:


In particular, the first parameter is said to save memory after it is turned on, so after I install MySQL. the three parameters are entered in cnf, but unfortunately, in the subsequent service mysqld restart, the database fails to be started. Why ?! As a result, I was anxious to ask Google for help. However, sadly, in the current situation that the Internet in China is "a huge copy of the article", it is rather difficult to find an accurate answer that has been put into practice by myself, my problem cannot be solved.

Later, I thought of viewing my MySQL version, which is 5.1.54, and at the same time in my. a skip-external-locking parameter is found in cnf. After consulting with Google, it is found that skip-external-locking is the new version of skip-locking, skip-locking has been a problem for several years, and in the new version of MySQL, the skip-bdb parameter has been abolished! This problem is basically solved. Since skip-locking has been changed, skip-innodb may have changed! Finally, the following sentence was found in the MySQLd document:

If InnoDB hasn' t been built, the option-skip-innodb isn' t available. we prefix with 'loose' to allow the option to be used at all times. (Click here for details)

Now, I understand that skip-innodb has been changed to loose-skip-innodb, and I am still dumpily inserting the Old Huang Li of a few years ago. I just copied it without thinking about it, shame !!

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