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Faq:snmp on NetScaler Appliance






Question and Answers

This article contains frequently asked questions on the simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in the NetScaler APPL Iance.

Q:Is The SET operation for SNMP supported on the NetScaler appliance?

A: No. By default, the NetScaler appliance does isn't the support of the SET operation for SNMP. However, if you want to enable the SET operation-SNMP on the NetScaler appliance, contact the Citrix support team.

Q:What SNMP Operations was supported when a community was GET on the NetScaler appliance?

a: When a community are get, only the SNMP get is supported. The SNMP GetNext or bulk operations is not supported on this community.

The following is a example for the operations supported in this community:

test#./snmpget-c private <Host_Address>  system.sysdescr.0snmpv2-mib::sysdescr.0 = String:netscaler NS9.0: Build 69.5, Date:jun, 06:00:53test#/snmpgetnext-c private <Host_Address> system.sysdescr.0timeout:no Re Sponse from 
Q:What is the procedure to load a Management Base information (MIB) file to the SNMP Manager on a NetScaler appliance ?

A: The procedure to load an MIB file to the SNMP manager depends on the type of the SNMP manager. Use any of the following procedures to load a MIB file to the Net SNMP Manager:

To load the MIB file to a UNIX based server by copying it, complete the following procedure:

    1. Copy the MIB file to the /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/ directory.
      Note that the MIBs directory location might vary between different UNIX distributions.

    2. Open the snmp.conf file in a text editor, such as the VI editor.

    3. Add the following entries to the file:
      MIBs +if-mib
      MIBs +ns-root-mib

    4. Save and close the file.

    5. Run the following command:

To load the MIB file by running the SNMP command on a UNIX based server, run the following command:

./snmpget-m./ns-mib-smiv2.mib-c public <Host_Address> httptotresponses.0
ns-root-mib::httptotresponses.0 = counter64:368
Q:How can identify the object values from the trap messages on the NetScaler appliance?

a: The SNMP Manager receives the Netscalerconfigchange trap message when A virtual server is enabled or disabled. The following is the MIB definition for the trap message:

Netscalerconfigchange  notification-type            OBJECTS  {nsusername, configurationcmd, Authorizationstatus,   commandexecutionstatus, Sysipaddress   }                        " This trap was sent when the configuration in the NetScaler is changed. "            

The following is the sample output of the trap message:

2009-08-19 22:02:05 [UDP: []->[]:3000]:D isman-event-mib::sysuptimeinstance = Timeticks: (111347565) days, 21:17:55.65      snmpv2-mib::snmptrapoid.0 = OID:    ns-root-mib:: netscalerconfigchangens-root-mib::nsusername.0 = string: "Nsroot"    ns-root-mib::configurationcmd.0 = string: " Disable lb vserver namivserver "ns-root-mib::authorizationstatus.0 = integer:authorized (1)    Ns-root-mib:: commandexecutionstatus.0 = integer:successful (2)      ns-root-mib::sysipaddress.0 = IpAddress: 22:02:05 [UDP: []->[]:3000]:

In the preceding sample, the Authorizationstatus.0 object has the authorized (1) value. The entry in the output is highlighted with bold face for your reference.

Q:on A NetScaler appliance, is it possible to receive a trap message on the SNMP Manager by using a different port th An the default port?

A: Yes. By default, the trap messages is received on port 162. You can run the following command to set another port to receive the trap messages on the SNMP Manager:

./snmptrapd-c/root/snmptrapd.conf-p Udp:<new_port_number>

Q:Does The NetScaler appliance support the inform messages?

A: No. The NetScaler appliance does not support the inform messages.

Q:What is the commands to configure SNMP on a NetScaler appliance?

a: You can run the following commands-configure SNMP on A NetScaler appliance:

Add SNMP Community <Community_Name> <Access>
Add SNMP trap Generic <Manager_Address>
Add SNMP Trap specific <Manager_Address>

You can also run the following command to enable threshold value related alarms:

Set SNMP alarm <Alarm_Name>-time <Threshold_Value>

Q:What is the location of the NetScaler MIB file?

A: The NetScaler MIB files, Ns-mib-smiv1.mib and Ns-mib-smiv2.mib, is available in The/netscaler/snmp directory of the NetScaler appliance or in the Downloads sections in the GUI. All Object IDs (OIDs) is available in the Mib.txt and Trap.txt files available in The/netscaler/snmp directory.

Additional RESOURCESSNMP Version 3 queries is now supported on the NetScaler SDX appliance. SNMPV3 enhances the basic architecture of SNMPV1 and SNMPV2 to incorporate administration and security capabilities, such As authentication, access control, data integrity check, data origin verification, message timeliness check, and data conf Identiality.

NetScaler OID Reference

Can we disable SNMP v1 because Set "add SNMP Comm Unity Citrix All "from NetScaler Device would enable both SNMP V1 and v2.

Answer : Deactivation of the A specific SNMP version is not supported.



Does SNMP monitoring work for Admin partitions?


YES,&NBSP;SNMP monitoring is supported in NetScaler firmware 12.0-56.x and above.
The SNMP Get and Walk functionalities is now supported on a partitioned NetScaler appliance for monitoring resource Utili Zation details such as bandwidth, memory, or connection resources.

This is worked under the enhancement request-enh0676597
Can we Disable SNMP v1 because Set "add SNMP Community Citrix All" from NetScaler Device would enable both SNMP V1 and v2.

Answer:deactivation of the A specific SNMP version is not supported.
Question:customer needs to monitor the individual interface statics via SNMP. Does NetScaler has OIDs to gather information on per interface basis?

answer:currently NetScaler doesn ' t has SNMP OIDs to monitor the traffic per interface level. Netscaler have option for cumulative values only.

An enhancement 0695767 was raised to add the functionality to NetScaler

Faq:snmp on NetScaler Appliance

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