Features for face recognition on Android

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==================== Problem Description ====================
Title, my little brother wants to implement a face recognition feature on Android, and the approximate implementation framework is this:

1. Capturing human facial features through a front-facing camera
2. The human facial features are obtained by some algorithms (online viewing such as the AdaBoost algorithm, PCA algorithm) to obtain the eigenvalues, and then the ID
3. Storing the results of the face ID in the database
4. Repeat if the ID result is within the threshold range of a record value in the face eigenvalue database, it proves that the value exists and is validated, otherwise, to remind the registered Face feature library.

Now basically to determine the implementation is such a process, facial feature extraction algorithm implementation intends to refer to the existing algorithm, everything is the first attempt to do something like this, I ask you, Daniel have There's no good opinion.or the relevant modules of the source code for my reference, such as: algorithm implementation of extracting facial featuressuch as If you are not very grateful AH. Hope everyone enthusiastically reply ah, need everyone's opinion!! Reply to the trigram must give points!!
==================== Solution 1====================
You find some open-source face recognition library to look at it.

==================== Solution 2====================
This thing is good.
==================== Solution 3====================
==================== Solution 4====================
Landlord, have you realized the function? I have been doing this recently, I would like to ask you
==================== Solution 5====================
==================== Solution 6====================
Landlord, is studying this thing recently, want to ask you?

==================== Solution 7====================
Android 4.0 has already implemented this feature.

Features for face recognition on Android

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