Fierce Yellow Dog, private Linux System for PS3 YDL6.0 public download

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The yellow dog is fierce, and the PS3 Linux system YDL6.0 is publicly available for download-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Terra Soft's PS3 Linux system, Yellow Dog Linux (known as Yellow Dog in Chinese), can be said to have opened the door to PC for the PS3, but the poor compatibility of version 5.0 has greatly reduced its practicality. After more than a month of trial run, the latest YDL 6.0 was officially downloaded for free.

Compared with the old version, YDL 6.0 provides the following updates:

-Default installation of E17 & Gnome, including KDE
-Support for Gnash and Flash
-Ekiga VoIP, Pidgin IM/IRC, and Fluendo decoder Installer
-Kernel v2.6.23, gcc v4.1.1, gblic v2.5, and Eclipse v3.2.2
-Default Cell SDK v3.0.
-Demonstration through the IBM iRT interactive interface of

I believe that many PS3 fans are still confused about the above updates, so I will give them a better understanding of the text. This update mainly involves: allows users to freely select the Mac (Gnome) or Windows (KDE) operation interface, and supports Flash multimedia playback, better compatibility between Skype and AIM/Windows Live Messenger.

The ISO capacity of YDL6.0 is 6 GB. If you want to download it, click here. However, it should be noted that, due to the huge differences between Linux and Windows, you must first read the relevant information online before installation.
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