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Here are some simple free-to-share tools, technical support groups: 592132877, providing customized service development.

GIF Motion Synthesis tool

The main function is to scan all the zip files in the specified folder, then extract the pictures in the zip file, and synthesize a GIF picture, save to the new path, support the time to set GIF, the demo effect is as follows:

: GIF compositing tool

File Bulk Move Tool

The main function is to copy all the files in the specified folder and subfolders to the new folder, and you can specify whether to delete the source files. The following motion diagram demonstrates the effect.

: File bulk Move tool. exe

File Bulk Move Tool

The main function is to organize all the files in the specified directory according to the number, such as setting 10, then follow each folder 10 files to automatically organize

: File batch grooming tool. exe

Bulk search for the specified folder tool

The main function is to enter more than one folder directory, the system automatically searches all directories and their subdirectories under all directories. Search out the text of the input information

: Folder search tool. exe

File suffix bulk add removal tool

The main function is to delete the suffix or bulk add suffix for all files in the specified directory, and the suffix content can be specified by itself.

: File suffix Bulk operations tool. exe

Web Image Download Tool

The main function is to analyze the specific image link in the txt text of a webpage and download all the specified images.

This tool operates on a specific URL and only provides a custom version.

Duplicate File Lookup tool

The main function of the two directories to verify the files, to see if there are duplicate files, determine whether the content of the document is consistent, check the file MD5 code. And you can check whether to delete the original file operation.

: Duplicate file Lookup tool. exe

Other tools

Can be on the folder. The information in the file is extracted and statistics, or the file name is analyzed. To provide customized services.

File processing tool gif compositing tool file suffix Bulk Add Tool folder Search tool duplicate file Finder Web page picture Resolution download tool etc.

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