File resources engineering structure of Android project

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Write this blog to master is to deepen their understanding of the file resources and summarize the implementation of some of the algorithm and mentor, if there are errors please point out, thank you very much.

Picture Method Description:

Table method Description, the square pui cuff:

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Directory Name




Project Source Code


ADT Some files that the plug-in moved from the birth

when in res/ When you add a resource to any of the subdirectories of a directory, ADT The plugin will be A position in a file is moved from one int A constant declaration of a type, which shows a table of the resources ID . When a resource is applied in a sequence, it is the ID declaration in the applied R class .


some of the references in this project Jar Package


Resource directory, which is used to park the resource files applied in this project


High-resolution slice graph resources


Low-resolution slice graph resources


Mid-resolution Slice graph resources


(extra high) Higher -resolution slice graph Resources

xhdpi is from Android2.2 (API level 8) only to begin the classification of growth .


with the UI the corresponding layout file ( XML files)


with the UI The layout file corresponding to the single dish ( XML files)


place string, color isometric data ( XML files)


this Android The global configuration file for the project, which can be called the manifest file

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