(Filter and Escape) PHP comes with filter and escape functions

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Name of function

Use Note

will be with &&, single and double quotes ' ",

Greater than >, less than < turns into HTML format


'->& #039




Htmlentities Turn all characters into HTML format Except with &&, single and double quotes '/',

Greater than >, less than <, and also includes double-byte character display as encoding, etc.


Place single double quote ' ", backslash backslash\, NULL

Plus backslash \ Escape





Stripslashes Remove backslash characters

Remove the backslash character in the string, if two consecutive,

Then remove a

Quotemeta Add Reference symbol

The string that contains the. \\ + * ? [ ^ ] ($) and other characters.

preceded by a backslash \ Symbol

Nl2br Turn line break \ n to <br> <br> for HTML format
Strip_tags Remove HTML and PHP tags

Remove any HTML and PHP tags from the string, including tags

Content, note that if there are errors in the string HTML and PHP tags, it will also

return error

Mysql_real_escape_string Escaping special characters in SQL strings Escape \x00 \ r \ n space \ ' "\x1a, which is useful for multibyte character processing, which determines the character set, mysql_escape_string does not consider
Base64_decode Base64 decoding Decoding data that uses MIME base64 encoding


Base64 encoding Encode data using MIME base64
Rawurldecode URL decoding Decoding an encoded URL string
Rawurlencode URL encoding Encode URLs according to RFC 1738
UrlDecode URL decoding Decodes an encoded URL string
UrlEncode URL encoding Encoded URL string

(Filter and Escape) PHP comes with filter and escape functions

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