First day Linux command LS and delete folder command RM copy and move rename

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Linux commands

LS---list files and folders
Ls-l---The field meaning of the output result
Ls-l uer---Specify the file with parameter information

DRWXRWXRWX---The first field with the table file type (-: file, D: folder), the last 9 bits represents the corresponding permissions: every 3 bits, users, groups, other groups of permissions, each file of the permissions are divided into three bits, respectively, corresponding to read and write execution permissions

-rw-r--r--1 Oracle DBA 0 DEC 3 16:40 filename
1 Number of files
Oracle Users
DBA User Group
0 File size
DEC 3 16:40 Modification Time
FileName Current file name

CD-Back to last working directory
CD/Back to Root
CD Back home directory

Have/is to start from the root directory, if not add/, default Add./starting from the current directory

PWD Check the current file path

mkdir Creating a Directory
. mkdir Test
mkdir Creating a multilevel directory
. mkdir-p/a/b/c

Directories can be created parallel to each other, separated by spaces between different paths

. mkdir-p a B c D

Copy Directory

. CP Source Files | Source directory location

-R Package Directory and its sub-files
-A Keep file permissions, include subdirectories and files, keep links (shortcuts)
-F forced Override

Move and rename

. mv file or directory location to move
New name of the file or directory to be renamed by. MV


. RM Delete Does not go to recycle Bin
-R Recursive Delete
-I prompt selection

First day Linux command LS and delete folder command RM copy and move rename

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