First understanding heat map, first understanding heat

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First understanding heat map, first understanding heat

Recently, the project asked me to use js Code to implement heat map. A brother in the same group then turned it into an actionscript code based on my js Code. So I searched the internet for a lot of information on heat map implementation:

1. Google Analytic

Google Analytics heat map is a new version of Web Page clickthrough visualization tool called Web page details analysis report. It intuitively shows the click behavior of visitors on the web page and can tell you different locations, the popularity of links of different styles.

Baidu '''

2. heatmap. js

A powerful tool for drawing heat maps using canvas. It opened heatmap. js and found that there are not many codes in it. It is really cool and easy to use. The Code contains two main objects, store heatmap. Store is the data part of heatmap. Heatmap is the object that actually draws an image. Heatmap can be configured. You can customize a lot of content, especially the color scheme, in addition to making the heatmap effect, we can also make a variety of good effects.

For details, refer to heatmap. js, a powerful tool for drawing heat maps with canvas.

3.html 5 canvas

Drawing heat maps with html5 canvas is also relatively simple. The core part is in the algorithm. The overall idea is to find the alpha value based on its alpha value (alpha 0,255]). calculate the r, g, and B values of each bit, obtain all new BIT data, and re-draw.

For details, refer to the heat map algorithm in the statistician.

Because flex also has the corresponding html5 canvas api, you can transform the Code implemented by js and use it on The actionscript to achieve the heat map effect.

Baidu heat map

The heat map looks at it with your eyes and reflects the popular search words. Isn't it?
What is the role of Baidu heat map?

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