Five serious errors that Web developers are prone to commit

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Whether you're a programmer or a technology enthusiast, there's always a variety of mistakes in the web development process.

Make a mistake, you can correct it. However, if some mistakes are made, they will cause great loss and regret. Surprisingly, these errors are often the most common and easiest to avoid. Here are the top five mistakes to be aware of.

1. " Reinventing The Wheel"

We understand that you want to make your website unique and separate from your competitors.

But you don't have to "reinvent the wheel."

Apple didn't start designing the iphone from scratch. It is a smart phone that is assembled from different microprocessors, lithium batteries, firmware, capacitive screens and all packaging. Even its patented operating system, iOS, is designed to mimic the UNIX operating system.

So don't feel ashamed to imitate someone else's website. Their website may also be copied from other people's websites. Based on the existing, collective, the wisdom of others to create, is the human nature, but also the main way to promote the development of human society.

You don't have to ask yourself to design a website that is unique and wonderful. Just notch above on the look and feel than the other sites.

How do you avoid this error?

    • Find your favorite website, learn about the style of the website, and experience the places you admire. Then type keywords in google that are relevant to your business and click on the first few results in the search list.
    • Visit to see what other websites appear in your field of vision.
    • At the same time, you can also use a website such as to quickly understand what your competitors are.

You think it's clear who your direct competitor is. In fact, when your target users in Google based on search criteria search out of the site, is your real competitor. Competitors who use Google AdWords are keen to attract and gain the attention of your target audience.

2. don't know what you want visitors to do

When visitors visit your site, what do you want them to do?

Think carefully for a moment ...

In fact, only a small number of visitors will do as you wish. In the Internet world, the conversion rate for 2~5% has been very good. Think about it, there are 2 people in 100 visitors. Don't let this number get any lower!

You need to define clear goals for your visitors.

    • If you are involved in a service industry and want visitors to call you, you should put your phone number at the top of the navigation.
    • If it's an e-commerce industry: You might want visitors to remember your best-selling products, or the most amazing sales.

Once you know what you want the user to do, you can design each individual page and the navigation structure of the site to try to achieve that goal.

Design a unified style theme for all Web pages and enhance the user experience on the site for visitors.

3. think of yourself as a web designer

Especially for developers who will use Photoshop.

Use Photoshop to design your "design" more beautifully, wasting a lot of time. There are many hidden factors that may cost you a lot of time, such as color combinations, font styles, font size, alignment, whitespace, and so on, which is a breeze for professional web designers.

How to avoid it?

A better approach is to hire a graphic designer. You can hold a Web design contest on a website like to find the designer you like.

4. you understand that the Web designer must also understand

This is another extreme of the problem. You may want to outsource all your work. But outsourcing designers may not know your business and your customers as well as you do. Do you know and understand all the requirements, but do the outsourced designers understand the final visual products you need?

How to avoid it?

You can use the Balsamiq or Mockingbird tool to create some wireframes. This allows you to focus on the experience of your visitors, and can help you organize and structure your content.

It also provides a framework for your web designers to understand what you are thinking. It can speed up the building process of your website.

5. Build a website based on a custom platform

Unless you're building a web App or SaaS Enterprise website, it's a good idea to use a common framework.

    • If you need to constantly update the enterprise content, you can use the CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on.
    • If you want to sell an item online, you need a shopping cart platform that may be used on platforms such as,, and Yahoo! store.

The main reason for using a widely used platform is that such a platform has good maintainability. You don't want only a few people in the world to update and upgrade your site.

Migrating from one platform to another is a pain, so be smart about choosing your platform.

If your website is to be built by agents, be sure to ask them to adopt a high-profile platform and not use the agent's "patent" platform.


You may have been aware of what was mentioned in this article before. But do you use existing knowledge to avoid these problems? Did you fall into the same trap again and again because you didn't take any steps to avoid them? Take a step back, review the problem carefully, develop a strategy to avoid them, and implement your plan.

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Five serious errors that Web developers are prone to commit

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