Fix how to use notepad++ to make the code highlight copied to Word, Web page issues

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Notepad++ is really a good tool for writing, commenting, and parsing code. But when I decided to copy my own commented-out code to the blog, I encountered a very depressing question, that is, the clear and tidy code on the editor, the blog has become extremely chaotic, unsightly.

How to solve this problem, notepad in fact there is a very good solution. Toolbar: Plug-in--->nppexport--->export to Rtf/export to Html/copy Rich text to clipboard/copy HTML to clipboard/copy a ll formats to Clipboard  Export to RTF creates the highlighted code in a Word document. Export to HTML is the creation of the highlighted code in an HTML Web page. The next three types are to copy the highlighted code to the Clipboard in a different form, without creating the corresponding file. The individual tried the copy RTF to Clipboard, successfully. Copy Html to Clipboard is not used.the problem of Chinese garbled charactersCopy of the time will find notepad++ support for Chinese is really xxxxxx but there are very simple solutions. Toolbar: Set----> Language formatting selection theme: Default (stylers.xml) font format to the bottom, select the Chinese format font, choose your own custom format. I chose the font: Microsoft Ya-Blackfont Size: tenAt the same time check the use of global fonts, using global font size, using the global bold style to copy the Chinese garbled problem is a good solution.

Fix how to use notepad++ to make the code highlight copied to Word, Web page issues

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