Flask_appbuilder's Study: (1) installation

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Flask_appbuilder learning usually for a back-end management project, most of the functions are the data to be increased and censored operations, and these operations of the code is roughly the same, the only change is the data, Flask_appbuilder is to reduce the repetition of the code is born.installationUse Pip to install Flask_appbuilder pip installs Flask_appbuilder after installation, you can use the Fabmanager command Fabmanager--help If the installation successfully displays the following

Create a project first create one that might be used to hold the project mkdir Study_apps and then go into the project folder by Fabmanager command to create the project Create-app--name study--engine SQLAlchemy The command creates a named Stu DY uses the SQLAlchemy ORM Framework Project, which is created after successful display as follows

Open the project folder, the project's structure applies the catalog ├─────template the project template folder ├─────translations the internationalized Files folder ├─────models.py The database model file ├─────views.py Project view file Babel internationalization Configuration folder config.py profile run.py startup file Create DBYou need to create the DB Fabmanager create-db Flask_appbuilder by default with the SQLite database, the path to the project's root directory before the project starts Create Admin userCreate admin use some commands Fabmanager create-admin Start ProjectAfter the steps, I can start the project. Fabmanager run Flask_appbuilder The installation is complete we can use to access the

Flask_appbuilder's Study: (1) installation

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