Flex4.6+blazeds+spring3+hibernate3+mysql Real Estate Management system based on the Java EE platform

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Rapid-framework is a spring-centric project framework that will separate fragmented frameworks (Flex,struts,strust2,springmvc,hibernate,ibatis,spring_jdbc,flex) Build, and built-in a code generator to assist project development. You can generate code for the Java Hibernat Model,dao,manager class and the common HTML presentation layer framework. In this course we use flex as the presentation framework and focus on Flex Mxml, action script code. In the function of the code generator can be configured to automatically generate additions and deletions and List query page, to achieve the purpose of rapid development. Flex is an efficient, free open source framework that can be used to build expressive Web applications and easily enable a flexible UI interface to improve the user experience of the system.
Requirements analysis, use of STARTUML for use case modeling, business process modeling and analysis of business scenarios
Prototyping, using Axrue for key business design prototyping pages, simulating and customer communication scenarios to determine UI interface and interaction patterns
database table design, using PowerDesigner to design the relationship between the data dictionary and the table according to the ER entity diagram analyzed by UML, and generate the table statement
First, system settings
1. User Rights Management
User Management System Operator management
Role management creates roles based on the business and assigns appropriate permissions
Rights Management Management system all functions, including menus, page buttons, etc.

2. Basic Data Management
The operation of adding and deleting the data of the community
Additions and deletions to the building information and information operation
The operation of adding and deleting housing data
Additions and deletions of owners ' data and information
The operation of adding and deleting the parking information data

3. Charge Item Setup
Fee item Set up property fee item increase and revise check operation
Property fees set up property fees for property, building and housing level
Pool fee setup set up the cost allocation rules for pool meters

Second, daily management
Charge the owner's property fee according to the bill
Repair and registration of property materials Maintenance registration Management
Comments or suggestions made by the proposed opinion recording business
Business Events record events related to community management to facilitate future inquiries

Third, sales rental management
Housing sales contract with the owner to sign a house sale
Owner check-in property
Parking Sales contract with owner
Parking spaces rental contract with owner

Iv. Management of Charges
The cost calculation shall be charged according to the fee items of the periodic charge and the instrument category.
The cost audit according to the system automatically calculates the bill, carries on the manual audit, after the audit the ability to charge
Cash receipts from paid-for-charge management
Bank collection business to sign bank collection contract
Generate Bank collection credentials generate collection credentials based on bank format
Bank collection slips offs according to bank collection slips do offs treatment

Five, comprehensive inquiry
Real Estate Inquiry Search property information according to common query conditions
Owners query according to common query conditions to search property information
Billing Query Search property information based on common query criteria
Arrears query deadline current time billing status is not offs, and is shown through the chart
Collection Enquiry Enquiry has been charged the property fees, including some offs, bank collection and other data

VI. Statistical statements
Billing status analysis displaying tabular reports through report templates
Cost Summary Statistics display tabular reports through report templates

Flex4.6+blazeds+spring3+hibernate3+mysql Real Estate Management system based on the Java EE platform

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