folder to search for files and copy or move them to the specified directory

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To write a gadget, the requirement is to search for a file of the specified keyword from a folder, copy or move the search results to a new directory, maintain the original directory structure, and assign the keyword to be responsible or mobile

import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import java.nio.channels.filechannel;import java.util.arraylist;import  java.util.calendar;import java.util.list;import java.util.scanner;public class  textcopyutil {static int countfiles = 0;//  A variable that declares the number of statistical files static int  countfolders = 0;//  declare the variables of the statistics folder static string srcfolderpath =  "d:\\\\ fast disk";//   Default directory static string destfolderpath =  "d:\\\\1360downloads";//  target directory static  string keyword =  "Meeting Minutes";static string type =  "copy";p ublic static  void main (String[] args)  {// java The main entrance of the program System.out.println ("Start now to manipulate batch files"); SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("You have to process the file as:" +args[0]); List<string> result = txt2stringlist (New file (args[0)); System.out.print ("\ t default directory"); System.out.print ("\ t target directory"); System.out.print ("\ t keyword"); System.out.println ("\ t processing mode (move is mobile, copy represents replication)");for  (String string : result)  {string[ ] arr = string.split ("\ t"); string srcfolderpath = arr[0];//  default directory string destfolderpath = arr[1];//   Target directory string keyword = arr[2]; string type = arr[3]; System.out.print ("\ t" +srcfolderpath); System.out.print ("\ t" +destfolderpath); System.out.print ("\ t" +keyword); System.out.println ("\ t" +type); Scanner input = new scanner (; System.out.println ("Please enter the number 1 if consistent with the expected, otherwise other numbers"); String name = input.nextline (), if ("1". Equals (name)) {System.out.println (Calendar.getinstance (). Gettimeinmillis ()); run (Srcfolderpath, destfolderpath, keyword, type); System.out.println (Calendar.getinstance (). Gettimeinmillis ());}}} public static&nbsp List<string> txt2stringlist (File file)  {list<string> result = new  ArrayList<String> (); Try {bufferedreader br = new bufferedreader (new  FileReader (file);//  constructs a BufferedReader class to read the file string s = null;while  ((s =  Br.readline ())  != null)  {//  use ReadLine method, read one line at a time Result.add (s);} Br.close ();}  catch  (exception e)  {e.printstacktrace ();} Return result;} /** *  perform search and copy  *  @param  srcFolderPath  search directory  *  @param  destfolderpath   Copy destination directory  *  @param  keyword  keyword  */public static void run (String  srcfolderpath, string destfolderpath,string keyword,string type)  {File  Srcfolder = new file (srcfolderpath);//  default directory File destfolder = new file ( Destfolderpath);//  target directory if  (!srcfolder.exists ())   {//  If the folder does not exist System.out.println ("directory does not exist:"  + srcfolder.getabsolutepath ()); return;} if  (!destfolder.exists ())  {//  If the folder does not exist mkdir (Destfolder); System.out.println ("Directory Creation succeeded:"  + destfolder.getabsolutepath ());} File[] result = searchfile (Srcfolder, keyword);//  call method to get the file array System.out.println ("in   " + srcFolder + "   and all sub-files when looking for object " + keyword"; System.out.println ("looked up"  + countFiles +  "  files,"  + countFolders+  "   folders, find   " + result.length + "   Eligible files: "); SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Start copying all objects found above");for  (int i = 0; i < result.length;  i++)  {//  Cycle display file file file = result[i]; File destfile = new file (File.getabsolutepath (). Replacefirst (srcFolderPath,  Destfolderpath), if (type!=null&& "move". Equals (Type)) {//move file.renameto (DestFile);} else{//Copy FileChannelCopy (file, destfile);} System.out.println (File.getabsolutepath ()  +    Copy to   + destfile.getabsolutepath ());//   Show file absolute path}}/** *  Create folder  *  *  @param  file */public static  void mkdir (File file)  {if  (File.getparentfile (). exists ())  {if  (! File.exists ())  {file.mkdir ();}}  else {mkdir (File.getparentfile ()); File.mkdir ();}} /** *  copying files using a file channel  *  *  @param  s *              source files  *  @param  t *              copied to the new file  */public static void filechannelcopy ( file s, file t)  {mkdir (T.getparentfile ()); fileinputstream fi = null; fileoutputstream fo = null; filechannel in = null; filechannel out = null;try {fi =  New fileinputstream (s); Fo = new fileoutputstream (t); In = fi.getchannel ();//   Get corresponding file Channel Out = fo.getchannel ();//  get corresponding file channel In.transferto (0, in.size (),  out);//   Connect two channels and read from the in channel and write to the Out Channel} catch  (ioexception e)  {e.printstacktrace ();}  finally {try {fi.close (); In.close (); Fo.close (); Out.close ();}  catch  (ioexception e)  {e.printstacktrace ();}} /** *  recursively find files that contain keywords  *  *  @param  folder *  @param  keyWord  *  @return  */public static file[] searchfile (file folder, final string  keyword)  {file[] subfolders = folder.listfiles (New filefilter ()  {//  Use the internal anonymous class to get file Public boolean accept (file pathname)  {//  implement the FileFilter class's Accept Method if  ( Pathname.isfile ())//  if it is a file countfiles++;else//  if it is a directory countfolders++;if  (pathname.isdirectory () ||  (Pathname.isfile ()  && pathname.getname (). toLowerCase (). Contains (Keyword.tolowercase () )))//  directory or file containing the keyword Return true;return false;}); List result = new arraylist ();//  declares a collection if  (subfolders != null)  { for  (file subfolder : subfolders)  {//  Cycle display folder or file if  (Subfolder.isfile ())  {//  if it is a file, add the file to the results list Result.add (subfolder);}  else {//  if it is a folder, call this method recursively, and then add all the files to the results list file[] foldresult = searchfile ( Subfolder, keyword);if  (foldresult != null)  {for  (file fold :  Foldresult)  {//  Cycle display file Result.add (fold);//  file saved to collection}}}}}file files[] = new  File[result.size ()];//  declares the file array, length is the length of the collection Result.toarray (files);//  The collection is an array of return files;}}

The effect is as follows:

The contents of the read rule file are attached

D:\ Fast plate \[mobilebackup]d:\\1360downloads.mp3copyd:\ Fast plate \[mobilebackup]\[pictures]\picturesd:\\1360downloads.pngcopy

folder to search for files and copy or move them to the specified directory

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