001. web Front-End-learning, 001. web-Learning

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001. web Front-End-learning, 001. web-Learning

To learn basic web Front-end development technologies, you must master the following: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Next, let's take a look at what these three technologies are used to achieve:

1. html (Hypertext Markup Language) -- Structure Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is the carrier of webpage content. The content is the information that the Web Builder places on the page and allows users to browse, including text, images, and videos.

2. css (Cascading Style Sheets) -- Style cascade Style sheet

CSS styles are representations. It is like a webpage coat. For example, the title Font, color change, or adding a background image or border to the title. All these things used to change the appearance of the content are called representations.

3. javascript-Behavior

JavaScript is used to implement special effects on webpages. For example, move the mouse over the drop-down menu. Or move the mouse over the table to change the background color. There is also a shift in the focus of News (news images. It can be understood that animation and interaction are generally implemented using JavaScript.


Development Environment

Photoshop (CUT, repair, and measurement)
Dreamweaver, EditPlus 3, Sublime Text, Notepad ++ ......

Browser (two categories ):
IE browser: IETester (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9), IE10, IE11 ......
Standard browsers: firefox (fireBug), chrome, safari, oprea ......


About Images

PSD (source file) // ps source file

JPG/GIF/PNG (export image) // large image size on the webpage

JPG: transparent and translucent, white in all blank areas

GIF: transparent, not translucent. // small icons and animated images are not supported.

Png8: transparent, not translucent // small icons

Png24: transparent and translucent Images


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