Alternative syntax in PHP (colon, endif, Endwhile, ENDfor)

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We often see a lot of strange php syntax in a wordpress-like blog program template, such as: <?php if (Empty ($_get[' A])):?> <font color = "Red" > Empty </fon T> <?php endif;? > For a considerable part of the PHP enthusiasts have never seen, what is these things? Is it the blogging developer's own template language for PHP? Non-also, in fact, these are PHP syntax, but not commonly used, these are PHP process control of the alternative syntax. Here we give you a detailed talk about PHP Process Control alternative syntax. What's the alternative to grammar? In short, it is some kind of grammatical alternative notation.
what syntax in PHP has an alternative syntax? Process Control (including if, while, for, foreach, switch) has alternative syntax for several statements.
the basic form of alternative syntax:The left curly brace ({) is replaced by a colon (:) and the right curly brace (}) is replaced by endif, Endwhile, ENDfor, Endforeach, and Endswitch;
Give a column: <?php if ($a <0):?> less than 0 <?php endif;?> above statement equals <?php if ($a <0) {?> less than 0 <?php}?>
Why is the pure PHP code almost invisible? These grammars are a bit out of line with the C family tradition a bit different, people are not used to this grammar, and not very convenient
Everybody's not used to it, and what does he have to do with it?Existence is reasonable, it is free of its usefulness, these grammars can play in the code of the PHP and HTML mixed pages. The benefits are as follows: 1. Make the HTML and PHP Mix page code cleaner and neater. A friend with code cleanliness is most afraid of a messy mix of code, with these no curly braces alternative syntax, you love clean friends happy to pee. 2. The Process control logic is clearer and the code is easier to read. To change someone else's PHP and HTML mixed code, open discovery,I wipe! It's so damn rubbish! If you use the alternative syntax, I think the garbage program developers are not too messy to write. 3. Some friends from other basic language families, such as ASP, will be more likely to use PHP.

It's useless to talk for half a day, okay? How does this thing work?

The alternative syntax for the IF statement is used as follows, as described previously:
<?php if ($a = = 5):?>
<div> equals 5</div>
<?php ElseIf ($a = = 6):?>
<div> equals 5</div>
<?php Else:?>
<div> not 5 is 6</div>
<?php endif;?>

While substitution syntax:
<?php while (expr):?>
<li> Cycle Point What </li>
<?php Endwhile;?>

For substitution syntax:

<?php for (EXPR1; expr2; expr3):?>
<li> Cycle Point What </li>
<?php endfor;?>
foreach substitution syntax:
<?php foreach (expr1):?>
<li> Cycle Point What </li>
<?php Endforeach;?>

switch substitution syntax:
Switch ($i):
    case 0:
        echo "I equals 0";
    Case 1:
        echo "I equals 1";
    Case 2:
        echo "I equals 2";
        echo "I am not equal to 0, 1 or 2";

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