Android app frame rate--fps test

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Android application frame rate fps is a very important measure of application fluency and can be optimized for applications based on FPS, so how do you test the FPS of our application during the development process?

Preparation Tool : Eclipse + Android Test Terminal

Test steps:

1. Turn on GPU rendering mode analysis in Settings. Click the "Settings" and "Developer Options" on your Android device, then tick "GPU Rendering Mode Analysis" (each terminal may be different, with the emphasis on even adb shell Dumpsys gfxinfo).

2. Restart our application. After you start the app, swipe on the app's page.

3. Open the command line and enter at the command line: adb shell Dumpsys gfxinfo "your own app name" > F:\fps.txt

Results Analysis:

1. Open the generated fps.txt to find the profile data in MS section.

    • 2, in order to see more directly, we can put the data into Excel, and then in the form of a chart to view.

3, it can be seen that the smoothness of my application is very low, under normal circumstances the frame rate should be around 16ms, if 1 seconds 60 frames, and execute time too long! So it needs to be optimized.

Android app frame rate--fps test

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