Android Material design-creating Apps with Material design (designed with Material app)-(0)

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This article is the first article of the official material design document translation. The knowledge that material design needs to know can be read in this Chinese version of the ebook .

Material design is a cross-platform, comprehensive guide for vision, motion, and interaction. To use Material design in your Android app, (you should) follow our (tutorial) instructions in the Material design specification and effectively use the new components and features at ANDROID5.0API level 21).

The Materialdesign app can be created with the following points.

L Material's Theme

L Controls for cards and lists

L Custom-made shadows and view splicing

L vector-Can-draw objects

L Define Animations yourself


Getting Started [Android Material design-getting Started (Getting started)-(i)]

How to use Materialdesign to update your app.

Using the Material Theme [Android Material design-using the Material Theme (using Material Theme)-(ii)]

How to use the theme style of material design in your app.

Creating Lists and Cards [Android Material design-creating Lists and Cards (create lists and cards)-(iii)]

How to create a consistent list and card (layout) of the look and feel with the control of the system.

Defining Shadows andclipping views [Android Material design-defining Shadows and Clipping view (defining shadows and cropping)-(iv)]

How to create your own defined shadows and how to crop the view for your layout view.

Working with Drawables [Android Material design-working with Drawables (using drawable)-(v)]

How to create vector-drawn objects. and how to color paint resources.

Defining Customanimations [Android Material design-defining Custom animations (self-defined animation)-(vi)]

How to create your own defined animations and activity transitions that accompany shared elements.

maintaining compatibility [Android Material design-maintaining compatibility (keep compatibility)-(vii)]

How to be compatible with the version number prior to Android5.0.

Android Material design-creating Apps with Material design (designed with Material app)-(0)

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