[Android] Watch blogs Learn several common runtimeexception of Android

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Exceptions are divided into two types:

1. Compile-time exceptions

When a compile-time exception is thrown, it needs to be processed for declaration, otherwise the compilation does not pass

2. Run-time exceptions

Compile-time not detected, the runtime if thrown, the program will stop immediately

NullPointerException NULL pointer reference exception

ClassCastException type Conversion exception

IllegalArgumentException Illegal parameter exception

ArithmeticException arithmetic operation exception

Indexoutofboundsexception Subscript Out- of-bounds exception

NumberFormatException Number Format exception

SecurityException Security Exception

Android Force Close causes, common such as null pointers, classes not found, resources not found,Android API Use order error, etc.

Implementing the Thread.uncaughtexceptionhandler interface , overriding the uncaughtexception () method

[Android] Watch blogs Learn several common runtimeexception of Android

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