[Android Studio authoritative tutorial]android Studio three ways to add plugins

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Previous blog We introduced how to install and configure Android Studio, this blog we come to talk about how to add plug-ins to Android studio, add plug-in path there are three kinds, I classify them as follows:

Click the Set Small button

Click [Plugins] here to show you have installed the plug-in, we can click on the name of the plugin to see the description of the plug-in, the following three buttons are the three ways to add the plugin, we separately introduced:

Official plugins

We have meteor here as an example, first click on the official plugin

Here we can search for the name of the plugin and click Install

Here as requires us to restart as

Once installed, we can view it in the plugin list

Folk plugins

Folk plug-in installation method and the official plug-in is very similar to the installation, we here to Genymotion simulator as an example, first click the folk plug-in button

Configuring the Genymotion Path

After the configuration we click [Apply], then we close this window, starting from the shortcut button genymotion

Local plugins

Local plug-in installation is more simple, we first need to download the plug-in package (jar or ZIP format), and then we click the local plug-in button

This is going to pop up select plugin package, we select the plugin package and then select OK,
Finally [Apply] must restart as effective after

Android Studio installs Sexyeditor, add beautiful backgrounds to the code OH

Here we install by the way of the folk plug-in, then search [Sexyeditor], then press, we here mainly talk about configuration, first find Sexyeditor plug-in {ohter Settings > Sexyeditor}


Interested children's shoes can follow my blog, my column will continue to update the Android Studio tutorial, as well as I/O assembly on the NDK configuration and compilation, I will also share to everyone.
And I received an invitation from CSND's instructor, and later I will record the use of these Android studio videos into a video published at Csdn College.

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[Android Studio authoritative tutorial]android Studio three ways to add plugins

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