Android Wear (Watch) Development-Learning Guide

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Android Wear Development-Learning guide



This article is my own on this stage of the development of Android Wear, mainly on the previous written on the Android Wear technology to comb, so that new people to better exchange learning.

What exactly is Android wear?

Android Wear and mobile phones are completely different design concepts: mobile phones In most cases, are users to operate, to trigger the inside of the application, while the watch is "user passive", the less users feel your presence, the more reasonable, and in some scenarios to give the most appropriate reminder is the Android Wear's greatest design concept, which is what it wants to do.

Android Wear is the SMART notification bar! -This is my understanding of it.

When you wake up in the morning, you push the morning weather and traffic conditions. When you arrive at the restaurant, you will be pushed to the public reviews, shopping coupons, for your budget. Detects your motion status, displays pedometer, heart rate status (Android wear itself built-in). When you are outdoors in the detection of your emotional anxiety, need a solution to the physiological needs, timely to you to push the nearest McDonald's (absolute localization ah!). ):-D

I began to take charge of the Android Wear module, need to carry out its conceptual design of learning and research, so read the official design documents, so the design also has a certain understanding. And the domestic also has the website to this part carries on the translation, the suggestion Reader in the development prior to understand, wear exactly is what kind of a product. Http://

Determination of product demand direction in Android wear development phase

It is important that the product be designed in what way?

    1. Mobile phone to watch information notification bar style optimization: For example, setting the background

    2. Smart push for mobile phones and watches: for example, looking for a cell phone with a watch, or sending a photo of a phone to a watch

    3. Custom Card style: Keep the card style based on the layout of the card to adjust, add animation, click and other Interactive

    4. Fully customizable interface for unique interactions: Discard card styles and use new components provided by the Wear API

    5. Watch dial: Various styles, all kinds of tall on

Technology implementation

The above 4 points, is designed to different aspects, different levels of technology. To be clear, use the most appropriate technology to achieve it. Below is a list of the technical points required for the implementation above

    1. Watch notification Optimization: Implementation is the simplest and is very effective to enhance the display of the application on the watch

    2. Intelligent Push: Data communication, monitor the status of the watch, provide richer data support for the interface display

    3. Custom cards: Retain the official card flow style and personalize the card content

    4. Fully customizable interface: Self-realization interface, need to deal with multi-resolution problem, high degree of freedom

    5. Watch dial: A mechanism similar to mobile live wallpaper

My blog index development platform to build:

Good start is half the success, read this blog here will avoid some of the pits behind:

Card notification:
    1. Watch notification Optimization:

    2. Custom cards:

Before you learn the custom card notifications, you may want to learn about the data transfer section.

Data communication:
    1. Connection Data layer:

    2. Data sending and receiving:

    3. Event Listener:

Actual Combat series:
    1. Solution Data Encapsulation:

    2. App Pack-enable phone-to-watch connectivity:

    1. Fully customizable interface: This module is similar to writing a normal mobile phone interface, and a few more components, interested friends can see the Xia Guan Web this part of the tutorial

    2. Watch dial: In fact, I am particularly interested in this part, the electronic market also appeared a lot of ideas of the dial, looked at the greedy, but because the project some irresistible reasons, can not continue the development of this module, interested friends can go to the official website tutorial study

    3. The difference between the Android Wear API and the standard phone API: The following packages are less supported

    • Android.webkit

    • Android.print


    • Android.appwidget

    • Android.hardware.usb

Android Wear (Watch) Development-Learning Guide

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