Angular team publishes roadmap and demonstrates how to integrate with react native

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Shortly before the angular U conference in San Francisco, Brad Green, Igor Minar and Misko Hevery made a speech, re-elaborated the declaration at the NG-CONF conference earlier in the year, and gave a roadmap for angular in the second half of 2015.

Minar shows some of the new developments angular has made since March. It is worth noting that these are "experimental" features, he proposed the idea of dividing angular into split into a core function and renderer. By separating the framework, they want to be able to open up new ways to use angular, starting with the following 3 areas:

    1. Improved performance
    2. Rich Mobile Experience
    3. Service-Side rendering

For Web performance, partitioning the framework allows angular to hand over most of the non-UI work to Webworker. The UI must be in the main thread so that a separate renderer can work, and the two parts can communicate with each other. Minar said:

We are thinking, "Can the entire application be moved to Webworker so that all business logic, all data acquisition and processing can be removed from the main thread?" "Moreover," can the framework itself be moved into Webworker? All the services provided by the framework and the various checks do not have to be run in the main thread. "

After the angular team met with the react team, an unanswered question was "what if we integrate angular with react native"? In the new scenario, the core remains the same, but the renderer can support new platforms such as iOS and Android.

Minar demonstrates the insertion of the react native tag into the angular implementation to run angular JavaScript in the native iOS shell. Instead of rebuilding this scenario from scratch, the team used the Telerik and its Nativescript platform and worked with the react team to achieve these goals. The demo is on GitHub.

For a long time, angular developers have been looking forward to solving issues such as improved startup times and SEO through server-side rendering. The architecture presented by the team also provides a possible solution to the problem.

For web developers, changes to the architecture are largely transparent. Google has disclosed a separate architecture for developers to review.

Green also updated the completion time of angular 2. He did not give a specific date, but listed all the stages of the pre-release project. Currently, the team is refining the core and getting feedback from the team that is migrating within Google. When the core is complete, they continue to refine the API, improve performance, and document.

Green also talked about the angular 1.X and its location in the future roadmap. "The focus of Angular 1.5 will change," he said. Google is also developing a new automated migration tool, and some tools are already in use internally. "We're going to see what reflects what the community cares about," he said. In addition, they are writing guidelines to help developers complete the migration. To learn more about the presentation, please watch the video or download the speech.

Angular U is the 2nd of the 3 conferences that the Angular team participated in this year. The 3rd session of Angular Connect will be held in London this October.

View English text: Angular Team provides roadmap, Demos integration with React Native

Angular team publishes roadmap and demonstrates how to integrate with react native

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