Appcode IOS App Development and development environment

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Accustomed to the JetBrains series of development tools, whether it is the idea to develop Java or Android studio to develop Android, it is very cool.

Myeclipse,eclipse have been used for a long time, the new development environment will have some awkward, shortcut keys or something, but I think, or more benefits.

Not to mention eclipse occasionally inexplicable error, only code detection ability on the idea is much stronger.

Just moving the Android project from Eclipse to Android studio has prompted a lot of errors. Such as: Repeated permissions, improper use of fragment and so on.

In a word, appcode is not necessarily better than Xcode6, but I am willing to try.

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PS: Native hardware Mac book Pro, previously developed for Android and Java, so the Java and environment variables on the machine should be readily available.

Appcode required environment I did not look closely, the impression seems to need these, please pay attention.

Run as follows, I chose a dark, self-feeling very comfortable.

Appcode IOS App Development and development environment

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