Appium for IOS testing on MAC

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One: Environment

1.Mac OS X 10.9.1

2.Xcod 5.0.2

3.Appium 1.3.6



: Http://

5. (optional) node-v0.12.0.pkg


6. (optional) python-3.4.3-macosx10.6.pkg




Two: Code and framework

1.selenium-2.45.0 (official website:

: Http://

2.appium Java Client

: (inside will use TestApp)

: Https://

Three: Commissioning

1. The first step, start Appium, click the Doctor icon will automatically check the Appium dependent environment.

Some of the checks will prompt you to automatically install input ' Y ' to continue, such as: Xcode Command line Tools.

Some will not be prompted to install their own configuration, such as: Environment variables Java_home, Android_home.

Environment variables can be referenced: MAC environment variable configuration, multiple JDK versions under Mac.

2. The second step is to open the in ADT.

We use Testng,eclipse to install testng-->install New software-->

JDK exceptions can be consulted: unbound classpath container

A. New Java project

B. Select JRE System library:javase-1.7

C, Add External Jars:java-client-2.1.0.jar, Selenium-java-2.45.0.jar, Selenium-java-2.45.0-srcs.jar

D, Add Library:user Library, create the User library with the contents of all the jar files under Selenium-2.45.0\libs.

E, Add library:testng

F, complete the creation of the Java project, add the other-->testng Class, wear pieces suit XML file.

3. The third step is to write the test script in Java.

4. Fourth step, configure Appium

App Path: You can refer to: Xcode to generate the app files, or use inside the TestApp. App file.

Bundle ID: Startup activity similar to Android. such as: Io.appium.TestApp.

Force Device: Yes DeviceName

UDID: The identity of the real machine.

Platform The version number of the Version:ios system.

It will be used when running the real machine:Ideviceinstaller. The installation method is as follows:

A, install homebrew by the This command

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

B, installation Ideviceinstaller run: Brew Install--head Ideviceinstaller

Reference website:


Appium for IOS testing on MAC

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