Appium+robotframework automated testing for Android applications -1:appium specific installation steps in Windows

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As the first two articles are mainly translated from the Appium official website, because I am not very good English, so please forgive the reader, but also thank you for your love and support.

OK, let's start installing Appium in Windows, Appium in the article after the specific installation in OS X.

In addition, the official network said first to install node. js, but also to install Apache Ant and Apache Maven,git and curl, but my experience is that these are not necessary, can not be installed, when the need to install later, it is not too late, so that the beginning of the installation is easier and easy to get started.

Talk less, just start the installation step:

1. Install the Android SDK package ( and run the ' Android ' tool in dependent SDK. And make sure you install the LEVEL17 or above version API, it is recommended to install at least 19, I installed to 22.

2. Set the Android_home system variable to your Android SDK path and add tools Platform-tools two directories to the system's path path. Because the bread here contains some execution commands.

3. Install the Java JDK and set the Java_home variable to your JDK directory.

4. Install Appium for Windows version: Download path, I use the latest 1.4 version, very good.

5. Install Python version 2.7, although Appium support many languages, but the personal favorite python, there is another reason is that robotframework also support Python, and then I use Robotframework to write Appium oh.

6. Install the Python support package in the Appium Client, open the command line, enter: Pip Install Appium-python-client, You can also download directly, then unzip it, open the command line, first cut to the path where the decompression is located, and then enter: Python install to complete the installation.

If there is no error, then congratulations, success! If you are having problems, please review the error prompts, which can be resolved in general.

Please continue to pay attention to ...

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Appium+robotframework automated testing for Android applications -1:appium specific installation steps in Windows

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