Appium+robotframework automated testing for Android applications -2:windows launch Appium and simulators

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I. Start Appium

After installation, find Appium in the desktop or menu, double-click or click to open Appium.exe, if everything is OK, then there will be a appium after the start of the interface window, as shown in.

1.1 Android Settings

Click on the first robot icon in the top left corner to eject the Android Settings window as shown in.

In this window you can set up the Android app that will be tested, because next we write the script to run the test, so we can leave it all without setting it to its default value. If not set in the script, you need to set up here, but most of the default values, you need to set the main 5:

1.Application Path: Clicking the Choose button will pop up the select the Android app's Path selection box and select the app you want to test.

2.Launch AVD: If there are multiple emulators, choose a simulator for testing.

3.Platform Name: This of course chooses Android, because now is the automated test that says Android.

4.Automation Name: Of course Choose Appium, we are not playing appium?

5.PlatformVersion: This of course chooses the same version as the simulator.

1.2 General Settings

Click the second gear icon in the upper-left corner of the appium to eject the Genenal Setting window as shown in.

If you have Appium installed on this machine, you can keep the default value, if the Appium installed in other machines, you need to set the server address, the value is Appium the machine's IP addresses, port numbers generally do not need to change.

1.3 Start Appium

This time the direct run Appium, so make the relevant settings, click on the Appium right corner of the square icon to start the Appium, if you can see the information shown in this indicates that the launch was successful.

Two. Start the simulator

2.1 Starting virtual Device Manager

Go to the ANDROID_HOME\SDK directory and double-click the AvD Manager.exe file, and if you don't have the file, double-click the SDK Manager.exe file, then click menu Tools in the window that opens, then click its manage AVDs,,, submenu item so that the Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager is turned on, as shown in. This is the Android virtual Device Manager, which allows us to create, edit and launch specific emulators.

2.2 Creating and editing emulators

Clicking the Create button creates a new emulator, which opens a window to create a new emulator, as shown in.

In this window to enter or select the required simulator parameters, it is important to note that the target to choose and appium or script the same parameters, the device to choose to match the corresponding target, in addition to ensure that the value of Cpu/abi can not be empty, Memory Options in the RAM do not set too large, I generally set to 256 or 512,VM Heamp set to 64, the other options are kept default, and finally click on the bottom of the OK button is created. A successful creation will appear in the list. Select to edit the operation, and create a similar, no longer repeat.

2.3 Starting the simulator

Ok no problem, select the simulator that needs to start, click the Start button, click the Launch button in the pop-Up Launch Options dialog box, the progress bar will appear, then the emulator window appears, just start the window is dark, That is because the simulator has not been started, wait for a while, you can take the opportunity to brew a cup of tea, you see the boot success, as shown. It's completely an Android phone that feels like there's wood there.

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Appium+robotframework automated testing for Android applications -2:windows launch Appium and simulators

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