Apple Watch and Apple Pay will help the company become the first trillion-dollar firm to market

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Apple's Tuesday market capitalisation topped $700 billion for the first time, making it the first company to have a market capitalisation of more than $700 billion, up from 1.7 times times the second Exxon. Analysts predict that Apple's market capitalisation will close to $800 billion next year, but the estimate should be preceded by the word "conservative" if it were to refer to the algorithm of the famous activist investor Carl Icahn.

Currently, Iphone,ipad and Mac businesses are Apple's main productivity, with the IPhone accounting for 55% of revenue. The iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus went on sale for two weeks and sold 20 million units altogether. The iphone 6 could reach 190 million by the end of 2015, according to a UBS analyst survey. The iphone 6 's sales account for 68%, iphone 6 Plus sales of 23%-24%,iphone 6 Plus will bring more profits to Apple, while the iphone 6 is attractive to rival users, and the report shows that 1/ 3 of buyers interested in the iphone are Samsung users. With the above data, iphone sales are expected to grow by 30% in the coming fiscal year.

While the report just released by IDC has sounded a wake-up call for the tablet market and ipad, sales of the ipad have fallen 12.7% per cent this year, or about 64.9 million units, and the tablet market has risen by only 7.2%, a sharp contrast to 52.5% last year, but the ipad still holds up to 27.5% 's market share. At the same time, Apple's collaboration with IBM in the enterprise market has become struggling, and if the 12.9-inch productivity ipad is true, then the ipad will get another boost--enterprise users--after release. The Mac will continue to grow in the context of the overall PC slowdown, but the growth will be smooth.

The IPhone, ipad and Mac now support Apple's $400 billion, $200 billion and $100 billion trillion, respectively, based on the current price-to-earnings ratio and revenue structure. Just by their natural growth, Apple's market capitalisation seems to be hard to move further after $800 billion.

But don't forget Apple Watch next year, which is the biggest imaginable space for Apple in the future. Apple Watch allows Apple's technology to penetrate deeper into the lives of its users. Last week, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty publicly notes that Apple Watch's shipments will reach between 10 million and 30 million in 2015. Apple Watch will be a product of the same level as the ipad, based on the estimated $349 price of the well-known blogger John Gruber. Apple Watch will soon help Apple's valuations close to trillions of dollars, according to the ipad's current share of Apple's market capitalisation.

Plus, Apple is deeply tied to Apple's ecosystem with services such as iphone, IPad, Mac, IMac, Apple Watch's hardware portfolio and icloud, and the synergy of these businesses will create greater value for Apple in the future. So the trillion dollar is really not a dream, and the time for implementation is after Apple Watch is listed next year.

Apple Watch and Apple Pay will help the company become the first trillion-dollar firm to market

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