Bootstrap Metronic fully responsive management template learning notes, bootstrapmetronic

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Bootstrap Metronic fully responsive management template learning notes, bootstrapmetronic

Learn how to use the Bootstrap Metronic fully responsive management template. The specific content is as follows:

1. Introduction

Bootstrap MetronicIs an advanced management control panel topic based on Bootstrap 3.x. Bootstrap Metronic-is a fully responsive management template. Based on the Bootstrap3 framework. Highly customizable and easy to use. Suitable for screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. Contains 7 themes, up to 100 instance pages, rich page display effects, including forms, tables, maps, calendars... And so on.

Compared with other influential templates customized by Bootstrap, this function is rich with plug-ins. It feels similar (free-AdminLTE)

Note:Metronic will not be upgraded for the mvc4 Series

Software preparation:VS2013

2. Resources

7 theme demo addresses:

3. Purpose and assurance

Main purpose:An integrated management template is required to build a management system background, such as CMS, HR, OA, and other management systems. Fancy software can sell up to 40% of the same price as Rigid Interface Software

Can be merged to all language front ends, including mainstream, JSP, PHP

(Continuous Bootstrap and Metronic are used as technical support for updates, unless the rabbit team is disband)

4. Directory


Open readme and we can see that we only need to use the theme folder. Theme_rtl supports RTL, which subverts my programming habits.

You can run theme --> templates --> adminX index in sequence.

However, it is found that every admin corresponds to admin_material_design. According to readme, admin_material_design corresponds to the AngularJS version.

AngularJS is not understood, so we only use the normal version of adminX.

The above is part. You can set the layout on the right.

Narrow down the browser to see the effect of the tablet is also very good.

5. Summary

We only need to use templates under theme as the reference template.

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