Bootstrap website template and bootstrap Template

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Bootstrap website template and bootstrap Template

Based on the previous article, I thought it would be of little significance to write it like this, and I decided to close my hand. Let's make a simple basic template.

Knowledge points include raster systems, responsive images, navigation bars (fixed at the top and bottom), and search boxes.

I will not repeat each knowledge point here. For more information, see

<! Doctype html public "-// W3C // dtd html 4.01 Transitional // EN"> 

Effect preview:

Create an html file and copy all the above Code to overwrite it. If show pictures, you can download all source code:

Welcome to the JAVA technology exchange group: 74955800

The bootstrap effect cannot be displayed after the display template in thinkphp

Brother, is your path correct? Create a Publuc folder under the project folder and change it to the absolute path. Replace the path with the ThinkPHP template constant _ PUBLIC _.

Joomla wordpress gantry bootstrap T3 for webpage templates

T3 is a template engine, and CMS has its own template engine. Therefore, T3 is not necessary in CMS. However, some foreign companies provide template services and support a variety of CMS, and the template modes of each CMS are different, which undoubtedly increases the development time. So there is a T3 engine.

With the same engine, the modes in various CMS are similar, which facilitates the transplantation of templates between various CMS. In addition, the third-party template engine is more advanced than the CMS template engine.

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