Charles Grab Bag (iOS Http/https request)

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1. Charles Installation

Download and install Charles:

2. HTTP Grab bag (1) View computer IP address

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(2) Set up the phone HTTP proxy

To set up an HTTP proxy, connect your phone to your computer, and click WiFi with Wireless LAN
Server for computer IP address: such as
PORT: 8888

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3. HTTPS Grab Bag

HTTPS grab packets need to be set up on HTTP capture

(1) Install SSL certificate to mobile device

Click Help, SSL proxying, Install Charles Root Certificate on a Mobile Device

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The pop-up window gets address Http://

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Enter the address in your mobile Safari browserHttp://, the Certificate Installation page appears, click Install
the phone is set with a password to enter the password to install
(Note: There are brothers and sisters who say Safari browser enter this URLHttp:// not install the certificate, the pro-test to (1) set up a good phone HTTP proxy (2) on the computer Charles to open

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(2) Charles set proxy

Proxy--SSL proxying Settings ...

650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" QQ20170329-150227@2x.png "alt=" wkiol1jbxngbyrs9aaqmj1qpow8524.png "/> Tick enable SSL proxying, click Add

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host completed:
Port filled in: 443

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(3) make HTTPS grab packet

Let the phone resend the HTTPS request, you can see the clutch

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Charles Grab Bag (iOS Http/https request)

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