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  • Construction Methods of 216 WEB safe color types
  • Some color picker links:
  • Color picker in ext JS
Color Picker
Construction Methods of 216 WEB safe color types

VaR Cl = ['00', '33', '66', '99', 'cc', 'ff'];
VaR clist = [];
For (VAR r = 0; r <CL. length; r ++)
For (var g = 0; G <CL. length; G ++)
For (VAR B = 0; B <CL. length; B ++)
Clist [clist. Length] = Cl [R] + cl [g] + cl [B];

Some color picker links:

1. colorpicker v3.1 by Joe Barta,
Http:// colorpicker v2
2. Photoshop-like JavaScript color picker by John Dyer
Here is an example. It is so powerful that it exceeds the Needs of the color picker on the regular network.
3. Timeout.
You can download it here.
4. Javascript Toolbox provides two implementation methods: the pop-up window method and the DHTML layer-based method. For details, see /.
5. blueshoes colorpicker components seem cool. They have multiple versions, including Photoshop-like components and common 216 color picker, what is different is that it uses multiple tab pages for expression. Here is an example.
6. colorpicker of softcomplexg, which provides the Web security palette, Windows and Mac color palette, and grayscale color palette. For example, you can use the demo. It is currently free of charge. 6. The bigresource website has a webpage that lists multiple links of the color picker of the Javascript version.
Color picker in ext JS

For ext users, consider the port version of Collin Miller,
In addition, the color picker extensions in ext JS include:

  • The <canvas> Implementation of rpetrello, see The color selection ring is displayed in Firefox, and the color panel Ext. colorpalette is displayed in IE7.
  • Bendy provided an extension in the extjs forum.
  • EXT user Amon also provides solutions in the extjs Forum. For details, see

2.0a: for ext2, tested and ext2.0 Alpha compatible, but with ext2.0.2 compatibility problems.
1.1.1: for ext 1.1
The above ext JS implementation only provides the selection of 40 colors. To select 216 web colors, you can change Ext. the colors attribute of the colorpalette class. It is a color array with a hexadecimal color string (no #).





Flash color picker

Color Picker component

Http:// Id = 145

Color Picker 2 component for flash

Http:// Id = 147

Flex2: Advanced colorpicker

Http:// Id = 150



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