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The following links are the web links I have organized about computer vision (Computervision, CV) related fields, including the CV-OX homepage, the CV Research Team homepage, the paper in the CV field, the code, the latest developments in the CV field, the domestic application and so on. Friends who are going to be in this business or just getting started can pay more attention to these sites and learn more about the specific applications of CVS. The study of friends can also be learned from a lot of cattle people's research trends, enrollment situation. In short, I think, knowledge only share can produce greater value, sincerely hope that the following links can be helpful to friends.
(1) Googleresearch;
(2) Dr. MIT, Tong Xiao student Lindahua;
(3) MIT postdoctoral Douglas Lanman;
(4) OpenCV Chinese website;
(5) Stanford University Vision Laboratory;
(6) Dr. Tri Jingyu of Stanford University;
(7) UCLA Professor Zhu Songchun;
(8) China AI Network;
(9) China Visual network;
(10) Automation Institute of CAS;
(11) Li Zizing researcher of Automation Institute of CAS;
(12) Shanshi Researcher, Institute of Computational Sciences, CAS;
(13) Human face recognition homepage;
(14) University of California, Berkeley CV Group;

(15) University of Southern California CV Laboratory;
(16) Carnegie Mellon University CV homepage;


(17) Microsoft CV researcher Richard Szeliski;
(18) Microsoft Research Asia Computer Vision Research Group;
(19) Shine ML and CV Study Group;

(20) Research and study Forum;
(21) Liuqingshan, assistant professor, Rutgers University, USA;
(22) The latest information network of computer vision;
(23) test video download for motion detection, shadowing and tracking;
(24) Prof. Xiaogang Wang, assistant professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong;
(25) Multimedia Laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Tang);
(26) U.c. San Diego. Computer Vision;
(27) Cvonline;
(computer) Vision software; Http://
(29) Computer Vision Resource;
(computer) Vision groups;
(+) Computer Vision Center; Http://

(32) Image technology research and application of Zhejiang University (ITRA) team:

(33) Automatic recognition network:

(34) Professor Zhang Yujin, Tsinghua University:

(35) Willow garage:, a leading civil robotics research group Porf.gary

(36) Institute of Image processing and pattern recognition, Shanghai Jiaotong University:

(37) Professor Liu Yunzai, Computer Vision Laboratory, Shanghai Jiaotong University:

(38) Assistant professor, Texas University, Austin Kristen grauman: decomposition, retrieval

(39) Tsinghua University, Department of Electronic Engineering Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory (Professor Ding):

(40) Professor Gao Wen, Peking University:

(41) Professor Aihaizhou, Tsinghua University: Http://

(42) Biological identification and Safety technology Research Center of CAS:

(43) Professor Thomas Vetter, University of Basel, Switzerland: Http://

(44) Dr. Rob Hess, Oregon State State University:

(45) Associate professor, Yushi, Shenzhen University:

(46) Institute of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, Xi ' an Jiaotong University:

(47) Carnegie Mellon University researcher Robert T. Collins:

(48) Dr. Chris Stauffer:, MIT

(49) Research Group on Biometrics, Michigan State University (Anil K. Jain):

(50) Thomas S. Huang:, Illinois State University, USA

(51) Research center of Digital photogrammetry and Computer vision, Wuhan University:

(52) Assistant researcher, Sami Romdhani, University of Basel, Switzerland:

(53) University of CMU researcher Yang Wang:

(54) Professor Tim Cootes, University of Manchester, UK:

(55) Professor Jiebo luo:, University of Rochester, USA

(56) Robotic Vision Laboratory at Purdue University:

(57) American Bentley State University Laboratory of Perception, movement and cognition:

(58) Grasp Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, USA:

(59) The CV Laboratory of Reno Campus, the University of China,

(60) Vision Laboratory, University of Michigan, USA:

(61) University of Massachusetts (University of Massachusetts), Visual Lab:

(62) Kemelmacher:, postdoctoral, Washington University, IVA

(63) Israel Weizmann University of Science and Technology Ronen Basri:

(64) CV Laboratory of Eth-zurich University, Switzerland:

(65) Microsoft CV researcher Zhang Zhengyu:

(66) Laboratory of Medical Imaging of automation Department of CAS:

(67) Dr. Researcher, CAS:

(68) Microsoft Redmond Research Institute researcher Simon Baker:

(69) Princeton University professor Syed:
(70) Dr. Jaden, Princeton University:
(71) Andrew Zisserman:, Professor, Oxford University
(72) Mark Everingham:, a researcher at Leeds University, UK
(73) Chris William:, Professor, University of Edinburgh, UK
(74) Shine researcher John winn:
(75) Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Monson H.hayes:
(76) Microsoft Research Asia researcher Sun Jian:
(77) Microsoft Research Asia researcher MA:
(78) David Lowe:, professor at Columbia University, UK
(79) Bob Fisher:, Professor, University of Edinburgh, UK
(80) Professor Serge J.belongie:, University of California, San Diego
(81) Professor Charles R.dyer:, University of Wisconsin
(82) Professor Allan.jepson:, University of Toronto
(83) Professor Qiang ji:, Rensselaer Institute of Technology
(84) CMU researcher Daniel Huber:
(85) professor at the University of Toronto: David j.fleet:
(86) Professor Andrea Cavallaro:, Queen Mary College, University of London
(87) Professor Kyros kutulakos:, University of Toronto
(88) Duke University professor Carlo tomasi:
(89) Professor Martial hebert:, CMU
(90) MIT Assistant Professor Antonio torralba:
(91) University of Maryland researcher Yasel yacoob:
(92) Cornell University professor Ramin zabih:

(93) Dr. CMU Tanaka:
(94) Srinivasa Narasimhan:, associate professor, CMU
(95) ILIM Laboratory of CMU University:
(96) Columbia University professor Sheer k.nayar:
(97) Mitsubishi Electronics Research Institute researcher Fatih porikli:
(98) Daniel Huttenlocher:, professor at Cornell University
(99) Nanjing University Professor Zhou Zhihua:
(100) Devi parikh:, assistant professor, Toyota Institute of Technology, Chicago
(101) Postdoctoral Helmut Grabner:, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

(102) Professor Jayaya, Chinese University of Hong Kong:

(103) Nanjing University Professor Wu Jianxin:

(104) GE Research researcher Li Guan:

(105) Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Monson Hayes:

(106) Image Search International Competition Pascal VOC (Shine organization):

(107) Machine Vision open Source Processing library Summary:

(108) Brown University professor Benjamin Kimia:

(109) Data Hall-image processing-related sample data: Http://

(110) Neusoft CV-based car-assisted driving system:

(111) Professor Rema chellappa:, University of Maryland

(112) Assistant professor, Devi parikh:, Toyota Research Center, Chicago

(113) Shi Jianbo, assistant professor, University of Pennsylvania:

(114) Professor Luc Van Gool:, University of Leuven, Belgium, /~vangool/

(115) Pedestrian detection home:

(116) French learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory Basilio Noris:

(117) Professor Larry S.davis, University of Maryland, USA:

(118) Computer Vision paper Classification navigation:

(119) Computer Vision classification Information navigation:

(120) Marcos nieto:, PhD, Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain

(121) Zhang Lei, associate professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

(122) Michael Elad:, professor, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

(123) Computer vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory of Qiming University, Korea:

(124) Dr. Michel Valstar, University of Nottingham, UK:

(125) Professor Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University:

(126) Microsoft Academic Search:

(127) Dr. Radu Timofte, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium:, traffic sign detection, positioning, 3D tracking

(128) Researcher of Disney Pittsburg Institute: Iain matthews: AAM, three-dimensional reconstruction

(129) Cornell University visual and Image Analysis Group: Image processing

(130) Michigan State University Biometric Research group: recognition, fingerprint recognition, image retrieval
(131) Computer Vision and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Berlin University of Science and Technology: Analysis, Object reconstruction, Image-based surface measurement and medical image processing

(132) Digital Multimedia Research Group, University of Bristol, UK: detection and tracking, video compression, 3D reconstruction, character positioning

(133) Centre for visual, speech and signal processing, University of Salisbury, UK: recognition, monitoring, 3D, video retrieval,
(134) Professor Marc Pollefeys, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: 3D model generation, camera calibration, motion detection and analysis, 3D reconstruction

(135) Professor Richard Hartley, Australian National University: estimation, sparse subspace, tracking,

(136) Baidu Technical Associate director triumphant: learning, sparse representation, image classification

(137) Professor Gao Nio, Xidian University: quality evaluation, watermark, sparse representation, super resolution

(138) Professor Michael I.jordan, University of California, Berkeley: Learning

(139) California Tech Pedestrian detection related information:

(140) Microsoft Redmond Research Institute researcher Piotr Dollar: detection, feature extraction,

(141) Visual Computing Research Forum: the Chinese Academy of Sciences Visual Computing Research Group

(142) United States University of Tanzania Sparse Learning Package: Sparse Learning

(143) Dr. Jacob Whitehill, University of California, San Diego: learning

(144) Professor Michael, Brown University, USA: Attitude estimation and tracking of

(145) Professor David Kriegman, University of California, San Diego: recognition

(146) Professor Paul Debevec, University of Southern California: CV and CG to study face-catching reconstruction technology

(147) Professor D.a.forsyth, University of Illinois: reconstruction

(148) Professor Ian Reid, University of Oxford, UK: and robotic navigation

(149) Alyosha Efros professor at CMU University: Texture Synthesis

(150) Professor Jitendra Malik, University of California, Berkeley: detection, image/video segmentation, graphics matching, target recognition

(151) MIT professor William freeman: texture synthesis

Dr Henry schneiderman: detection and identification;

(153) Microsoft researcher Paul Viola: algorithm

(154) Microsoft researcher Antonio criminisi: repair, three-dimensional reconstruction, target detection and tracking;

(155) Professor of Weizmann Science Institute Michal Irani: resolution

(156) Professor Pascal Fua, Lausanne Institute of Technology, Switzerland: stereoscopic vision, augmented reality

(157) Professor Irfan Essa, Georgia Institute of Technology: Http:// facial expression recognition

(158) Shambin, assistant professor of CAs: description;

(159) Professor Sebastian Thrun, Stanford University: Http:// robot;

(160) Professor Geoffrey E.hinton, University of Toronto: Learning

(161) Dr. Zhang Dong, Feng-nest system architect:

(162) 2012 Dragon Star Program Machine learning course:

(163) Professor Shober, CAS Automation Institute: character recognition, face recognition, quality evaluation

(164) Image Video quality evaluation:

(165) Yann LeCun Professor, New York University, numerals recognition

(166) Two-dimensional barcode identification Open Source Library zxing:

(167) Professor Pedro Felzenszwalb, Brown University: Extraction, deformable part Model

(168) Professor Svetlana LaZebnik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: extraction, clustering, image retrieval

(169) Image and Multimedia Research center of Utrecht University, Netherlands image, multimedia retrieval and matching

(170) Information retrieval team, University of Glasgow, UK:, image, video retrieval

(171) Sun Zhenan Assistant teacher of Automation Institute of CAS: recognition, palmprint recognition, face recognition

(172) Professor Liuqingshan of Nanjing Information Engineering University: face image analysis and medical image analysis

(173) Tsinghua University assistant Professor Feng Jianjiang: identification

(174) Assistant professor, Beihang University, Di: Http:// face recognition

(175) Zheng Wei, assistant professor of Zhongshan University: recognition, feature matching, clustering and retrieval;

(176) Thomas Deselaers:, engineer of Google Zurich, Switzerland, Image retrieval

(177) Post-doctoral Yu Yinan of Baidu Deep Learning Research Center: target detection, image retrieval

(178) Waitzman University of Science and Technology Super resolution: Http://

(179) Professor Al Bovik, University of Texas at Austin: Video quality discrimination, feature extraction

(180) Professor Yair Weiss, Hebrew University of Israel: learning, super resolution

(181) Dr. Daniel Zoran, Hebrew University of Israel:, de-noising

(182) Professor Peyman Milanfar, University of California, USA:

(183) Associate researcher, CAS Changhong: image retrieval, semi-supervised learning, super-resolution

(184) Professor Anat Levin, Witzenmann University, Israel: remove noise and blur

(185) Postdoctoral fellow, Daniel Glasner, Witzenmann University, Israel:, segmentation, attitude estimation

(186) Honglak lee:, assistant professor at the University of Michigan, machine learning, feature extraction, de-noising, sparse representation;

(187) Dr. Zhou Bole of MIT: analysis, motion detection

(188) Dr. Li He, University of Tennessee, USA: representation, super resolution;

(189) Jianchao Yang Researcher, Adobe Institute: representation, ultra-resolution, image retrieval, de-noising, Blur

Deep Learning Home: study paper, software, code, demo, data, etc.;

(191) Prof. Andrew Ng, Stanford University: Neural network, deep learning

(192) elefant: learning Open Source Library

(193) Microsoft researcher CE liu:, super resolution, Blur, split

(194) assistant professor at West Virginia University Xin li: detection, noise reduction, de-blurring

(195) deep Learning, denoising, coding, compression sensing, hyper-resolution, clustering, segmentation, and other related code sets

(196) Granada University of Spain Super-resolution reconstruction project group:

(197) Dr. Ming, Tsinghua University: Segmentation and retrieval

(198) Professor Philip H.s.torr of the University of Oxford:, three-dimensional reconstruction

(199) Professor James M.rehg, Georgia Institute of Technology:, pedestrian detection, characterization,

(200) Large-scale image classification, testing contest ILSVRC (Stanford, Google):

(201) Assistant professor, Deva Ramanan, University of California Irvine: detection, pedestrian detection, tracking, sparse representation

(202) Face recognition test picture set:

(203) Dr. Ming yang: recognition and image retrieval in Northwestern University, USA;

(204) Postdoctoral Ross b.girshick: detection (DPM), University of California, Berkeley, USA

(205) Chinese Language Resources Alliance: has many language recognition, character recognition training, test library;

(206) Computer Vision Center of the University of Barcelona, Spain:, tracking, 3D, pedestrian detection, car-assisted driving

(207) German Daimler Institute Prof. Dariu m. gavrila: tracking, pedestrian detection,

(208) Postdoctoral post-doctoral at the ETH Zurich: detection, behavioral detection, tracking

(209) libqrencode: Code encoding open Source Library based on C language

(210) Professor Nonmammalian, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics: Smoke detection, 3D reconstruction, medical image processing

The content of the arrangement is not perfect, nor can it satisfy the needs of all friends. If you have a better website resources, welcome to recommend to me. In addition, if you do not want to record all these links, you can also go to my blog, all of these URLs in my blog have links. Moreover, I will keep on updating in the future! My blog is:

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