Craftsman Home Platform System development similar drip taxi mode app detailed

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Craftsman Home Platform System Development (Suming. 188.1414.7927) Craftsman model development, artisan Home Platform development, Craftsman House Public number platform, Craftsman Home app development, Craftsman Home System, do similar to the Craftsman home system, do similar drops taxi such a system, development Craftsman home Such a platform, develop a drip taxi such platform. Under the overall situation of "Internet +", cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and IoT have made endless possibilities, and new network applications have been emerging in the fields of finance, media, transportation, education, health care, agriculture, people's livelihood and so on, and many things in the past unattainable will become reality-- Through the monitoring of various data to guide the scientific cultivation of agricultural products, the formation of agricultural products traceability system to ensure food safety; with the help of cloud video technology, we can make an appointment with the doctor on-line in the hospital to end the awkward situation of long waiting time, short consultation time, and the popularity of high-end education.

At the same time, "Internet +" will become an effective means to solve the problems of urban governance such as traffic congestion, smart parking, home care, community management and so on. Under this trend, China will have no traditional industry in the future, and every industry will be fully internet-connected, or armed with internet thinking and technical means. At that time, people have to admit that the network society is not virtual, but the real society in Cyberspace extension, is a real social life part.

Craftsman is a master craftsman's mobile internet platform, to provide consumers with decoration, repair, installation, housekeeping services required by a variety of craftsmen, to comprehensively solve the problem of consumer home life services. Platform services covering more than 300 cities nationwide and more than 2000 counties and municipalities, is currently the most extensive coverage, service users and craftsmen master craftsman of the most secured trading platform.

Consumers only need to have a mobile phone, you can quickly through the artisan Home app to find your side of the master Craftsman onsite service. Professional craftsmen in the platform, you can easily receive more orders to create their own service brand. The Artisan's platform provides a full line of online transaction guarantees, safeguarding the interests of both parties and protecting each transaction. Didi took a taxi to solve the "share of the car", Airbnb solved the "sharing of the room", while the craftsman has solved the "master craftsman sharing", so that all skilled craftsmen can be shared by others.

1, Free mode is the key to save money

Different from the traditional home decoration, "Craftsman Home Platform" to let customers and craftsmen directly face the face, to the intermediary mode cut off the decoration of the various intermediate costs, such as management fees, designer rebate fees, salesman fees, project management fees, corporate profits, and so on, at least save more than 30% of the cost.

According to the staff of the operating craftsman's platform, the craftsman is the first to ensure that the owner of the free room and free design, design completely according to the actual room after the volume of the plan, thousands of platform designers, to provide full free design quotation services. If the design does not meet the owner's ideal, the owner has the right to change the design. It is understood that at present, for any home improvement company, the design is within the scope of charges.

High-quality, professional third-party supervision. The third party supervision can have certain restriction to the craftsman, ensure the construction has the quality completion. Generally speaking, a lot of traditional home decoration is casual craftsman Master Daizhi. The "Craftsman" Platform is a professional third-party supervisor. It is understood that the Craftsman home platform to recruit national certification supervision personnel, and regular training.

2, the guarantee mode quality is the fundamental

As a brand-new Internet home Improvement platform, "Craftsman home" platform also with a number of well-known domestic building materials business in-depth cooperation, for the size of the procurement of accessories strict standards, purchase of building materials on the platform, high-quality low-cost, resolutely eliminate the decoration process foreman jerry-building, false value of the situation. Craftsman as a third-party supervision platform, with its own industry authority, full supervision. In addition, customers in the mobile phone installation of "craftsman", at home can supervise the construction and material selection, not only to eliminate the time cost, but also at any moment with the craftsmen online communication, to achieve the whole process of information transparency, is a strong guarantee of construction quality.

3, the exclusive design is a beautiful point of

In the "Craftsman home" platform, covering the country's key areas of the decoration design, customers can choose their favorite design style, from the living room, dining room, bedroom, study, to the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, porch, and then to children's room, cloakroom, channel fine classification, let the customer choose to see the wonderful case, Thus for the user's decoration to provide the most beautiful reference, choose their own exclusive design! At the same time, the platform also shows the latest community, the old room renovation of all kinds of wonderful design, users can choose according to their needs of refinement!

4, no worries about the service is kingly

"Craftsman" Platform contract all craftsmen must have real-Name ID card certification, while the word-of-mouth investigation and site visits to ensure the level of craftsman decoration and reputation. The contracted Craftsman pays a certain number of members ' quality margin to the platform + the real-name record of each construction site, restrains the craftsman through double safeguard, and pays the owners ' compensation in case of disputes. As the Craftsman's platform solution is the pain point at both ends, the strict access mechanism for craftsmen is responsible for the craftsmen as well as the protection of the owner's service.

In addition, the platform for consumer decoration to provide "overall project 2 years, concealed leakage Prevention Project 5-year" project warranty after-sales service, but also to avoid the consumer in the follow-up service experience in the various concerns.

"Internet +" as a new technological revolution, for the changes in the social structure has injected forces, precisely because the freedom of information dissemination and access to the non-hierarchical, so that the traditional pyramid-shaped, blocky hierarchical structure pattern into a flat social structure. With the emergence of large-scale, socialized collaboration and new patterns created by the sharing economy, network synergy and crowdsourcing cooperation, there will be some new types of organization and individual and organizational relations, change and reshape the traditional social structure, make it undergo a revolution of deconstruction and reconstruction, form a new social structure, The whole society will be maintained in the information Network presents a multi-mesh structure. Therefore, the Chinese society in the interaction, the public opinion expression, the interest appeal, the value idea, the life style and so on will present the new characteristic which differs from the tradition. This makes the society become more complex and changeable, the uncertainty increases, need us to innovate the social management pattern to deal with this situation.

Craftsman Home Platform System development similar drip taxi mode app detailed

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