Debug your application with ASP. NET MVC source code [GO]

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Since the project needs, I have recently learned ASP. Yesterday I met ViewData and tempdata the difference between them so that I tangled up the problem. A park friend strongly advises me to look at the source code of ASP. So, I think of how to debug an ASP. NET MVC program, there is no understanding of the place, stepping into the source code ASP, is a very good way.

So, using the. NET Framework4.0 source code to debug your application this article, and also see Daniel ScottGu recommended a blog post stepping into ASP. Implementation of how to configure VS2010 to achieve such requirements. I'll show you how to configure VS2010 to implement single-step debugging with the ASP. NET MVC source code.

1, Tools-option–debugging-general, according to modify my frame up place.

2. Download symbols and source

Select all modules,unless excluded and you can download all the updated files on the symbol server.

By selecting only specified modules, you can download only ASP. NET MVC (you can also add other modules).

How you only want to debug ASP. Select only specified modules and click on the specified modules below it. Add a SYSTEM.WEB.MVC, such as:

Click OK two times. It will then be shown as vs2010 to start downloading symbol. It will take some time to board.

Wait for the download to complete, we next, how to single-Step debug TempData.

The Possiblyloadtempdata () is executed before the action is executed;

Then execute tempdata["text"] = "AAA";

Assign a value to tempdata["text"]:

Show view after execution

To learn more, configure VS2010 yourself.

Summary: This article teaches you to configure VS2010, which uses the ASP. NET MVC source code to help you debug your application.

Debug your application with ASP. NET MVC source code [GO]

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