Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 Web API: Register APP (call CRM Online Web API)

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In the previous three articles, bloggers mentioned that the Web API will become the mainstream programming interface for Dynamics CRM, so its importance is self-evident. So today, let's take a look at what needs to be done before invoking the CRM Online Web API, and the previous blog post did not introduce this step and fill it out today. In the following period of time, I will write an article on how to call the Dynamics CRM on premise version of the Web API on the heavy client.

Before invoking the Dynamics CRM Online Web API, we need to create an ad environment associated with it, which is simple: Select Azure AD in the left menu bar of the Office 365 Admin Interface and follow the instructions to configure it.

After configuring the Azure AD environment, we'll add a application and click into the configured AD record

Go to the Application tab, add an app, and select "Add an application my organization is developing" and enter the app name, and select the app type and enter the redirect URL

To create a good app to add the application you need to consume, here is the CRM Online and choose a specific consumption type

When it's all over, click Save, and we've created our app!

Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 Web API: Register APP (call CRM Online Web API)

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