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1. Introduction 1.1. purpose of preparation

The requirement analysis for the manual through the "Flappy Bird" game software customer needs analysis, clear the game software to develop the function of the interface and other processing, so that the team members more clearly understand the needs of users, on this basis to complete the follow-up design and programming work.

1.2. Development Background

"Flappy Bird" is a previous burst Red Hand tour, this game although the form of simple difficulty is very high, not only to challenge the flexibility of the fingers, but also to exercise the psychological quality of players, so many players have been favored, once in a short period of time accounted for 80% European and American mobile phone users. Based on this, we have developed the pc version ofthe "Flappy Bird", I believe that after adding some ideas, "bird" will still have its market.

1.3. Software definition

The game is simple, easy to use, and suitable for all levels of users.

     1.4, reference


  & nbsp;         Introduction


flappy bird bar

http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=bird&am P;IE=UTF-8&IE=UTF-8&FR=WWWT

Bird bar


2. Project Overview

2.1. Product Description

This game inherits "Flappy Bird" Operation Simple, the rhythm is crisp, and we also add some innovative elements. Want to make computer workers busy, enjoy the fun of the game. The interface of the game strives for beauty, pleasing to the eye, music effect also strive to be realistic, fascinating.

2.2, the characteristics of the system

PC version of the "bird" and mobile phone version of the "bird" function, mainly for the customer base is different.

3. Assumptions and Constraints

The time constraint for developing this game is about 8 weeks, with different versions, such as the beta version, to be launched .


3. Functional Requirements

3.1. User needs

Most people will have to relax and entertain when they want to find a fun and beautiful game. This way when the work is tired, when the project is tired, you can choose our game.

The age of the player is concentrated in teenagers, so the background and overall design should be in line with today's teenagers ' preferences.

3.2. Use case Model

3.3. Function Description

Game play: After the beginning of the game, intermittent click on the space bar, let the birds fly upward, will not fall down, and to pass through the gap of the pillar, can not touch the pillar, met on the dead, through a pillar of a point. (There will be a intermittent red icon in the background, you can control the bird "eat" to the heart, a heart can get a chance of resurrection).


4. User Interface Requirements

Main interface

Game interface

Achievement System


5. Performance Regulations

5.1. Accuracy and flexibility

The game requires a single click on the space bar, must be in real-time response to the bird up to the specified height, and the bird has been falling speed, and the column must have been circulating, and finally make the birds can be flexible and coherent shuttle between the pillars.

5.2. Time characteristics

This includes the time characteristics of the bird flying upward, the drop, and the time of the column cycle.

5.3, input and output requirements

Input: Click the spacebar to control the bird flying upward. Tap the music icon to control sound effects such as background music and flight collisions.

Output: During the game, each time through a post to show the score plus one; After the game, output "game Over" and show the current score (score) and the highest score (best).


5, non-functional requirements

Functionality: effectively implement the relevant content described in functional requirements.

Reliability: Require the system to operate for a long time, and support multi-user simultaneous access;

Ease of use: User-friendly interface and simple operation method to ensure the player's easy to use

Security: To ensure that users in the use of software process data security, communication information security, transmission of file security.

High-performance: to meet the smooth game needs, no obvious lag in the game process, delay the number of seconds below; file transfer is fast.

Maintainability: Can meet the system administrator's need of system maintenance, can realize the software developer's further maintenance to the software;

Extensibility: To meet the needs of software developers to further expand the functionality of the software;

Testability: When needed, it is possible to control the output of internal critical information through a configuration file, and the output target can also be configured through a configuration file.


7. Operational requirements

7.1. Operating Environment Regulations

Operating system: Microsoft Windows xp,microsoft Windows 7,microsoft Windows 8

7.2. Development environment  

Development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and so on.

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