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Flappy Bird Basic Gameplay:

The bird will automatically fly forward in the screen, click on the screen the bird will play, do not click on the screen will go straight down. A bird can get a point through a pipe until the bird hits the water pipe game is over and then settles the score.

In this process:

(1) At the beginning of the interface, press the SPACEBAR, then press the left button, enter the operating interface, press the SPACEBAR to move the bird upward.
(2) by eating apples, you can pass a pillar without obstacles.
(3) By eating oranges, you can hide for 5 seconds

  Flappy Bird Download:

Flappy Bird we have placed on the cloud platform share, the link URL is: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/12DZTO.

  Flappy Bird Experience:

1. Pay attention to the rhythm, that is, the click Frequency. To know that the birds in the dynamic click Bounce amplitude is not the same, this needs more practice, play more slowly have a feeling;

2. When playing the game relaxed, eager to win the result is fall short;

3. Do not set goals for yourself, as you will usually hang up when you are about to reach your target (flag does not make any good);

4. Keep trying, hone your mind and perseverance, hang up not discouraged;

5. Died 100 times hurriedly washes to sleep, the body is the revolution the capital;

6. Delete the game or chop hands (don't throw the phone anyway, it's a pity).

If you really in Flappy Bird to play a good result, then must send a micro-Bosho, this opportunity is too rare, do not mind deliberately disgusting you look at the person who is uncomfortable. Of course, if you read this article and become a master of Flappy Bird, or see through the life and death of mortals, then please give a praise.

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