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Often have friends in the use of some space without a file manager, there is no way to extract the uploaded file compression package, and if you do not upload the compressed package, upload folder directly, it takes too much time. There are also friends who want to turn space into a file store, which requires an online file manager with enough functionality and powerful enough.

Online Web File Manager is very much, especially with PHP online file Manager The most, but really can meet our file management needs and also easy to install and use the Web File Manager is not many. This article is a collection of four user-friendly, feature-rich and easy-to-install web file managers: Net2ftp,pydio,extplorer,kodexplorer.

Net2ftp believe that most people have used it, a lot of free space on the use of net2ftp, as long as there is a browser, no need to install any client can upload and download the file at any time, the interface is very refreshing and concise, with many languages, there are many features. In addition NET2FTP official website is a public FTP online management file platform, through the NET2FTP official website can upload files to your space.

Pydio, formerly known as Ajaxplorer, is based on web technology, has Ajax, beautiful UI, similar to the local resource manager operating habits, support a variety of access methods, anywhere management files: Web, mobile device (IOS, Android), also support PHP Command, Supports local file management and third-party services. Pydio is no longer a simple online file manager, and in fact, as owncloud can build a private cloud.

Extplorer has always been an open source project on SourceForge space, based on a file manager developed by PHP and ExtJS, which you can use to browse files and directories on the server. Edit, copy, move, delete files. Create a new file and directory. The ability to change the permissions properties of a file is powerful and user friendly, and is a rare PHP online Web File Manager.

Kodexplorer is a Chinese development of an online Web File Manager, with complete file management functions, browser-side enjoy the localization experience, a powerful online file editor, good support for the English language, Kodexplorer is actually an online web operating system, support online management of pictures, Play music videos, edit and view files, and more, similar to personal web cloud storage.

In addition to Net2ftp,pydio,extplorer,kodexplorer, you can also try these several ways to help you manage your files online:

    • 1, the Practical PHP decompression program: space on-line decompression necessary tools: Select PHP Script set compression decompression
    • 2. Panel: Yzpanel free host Management panel installation and File Manager eaccelerator installation Tutorial
    • 3, automatic backup: Seven Cow cloud storage transformation Backup Weapon-automatic backup site files and database to seven of the cloud storage space

Free online Web File Manager: net2ftp,pydio,extplorer,kodexplorer– powerful

One, classic and remote FTP-NET2FTP installation and use

1, NET2FTP official website:

    • 1. Official website:
    • 2,: Net2ftp download

2, directly download NET2FTP package, unzip and then upload to the space, with the browser to open the Net2ftp path, you can access the NET2FTP. Enter your FTP server account number and password to log in to the Net2ftp management space files. (Click to enlarge)

3, this is NET2FTP Web file online management interface, simple interface, with Simplified Chinese and other languages, net2ftp display the file range depends on your FTP account permissions, if your FTP account is limited to a certain web directory, then net2ftp only display files in that directory. (Click to enlarge)

4, net2ftp can directly copy, delete, edit, move and decompress files.

5, NET2FTP provides a powerful online file editor, can directly online editing and modification of files, save files automatically uploaded to space.

6, now Net2ftp has provided the mobile interface, directly in the net2ftp click Switch.

7, NET2FTP Mobile phone version of the interface is very suitable for mobile phone use net2ftp.

Second, personal cloud storage platform-pydio installation and use

1, pydio official website:

    • 1. Official website:
    • 2,: Pydio download

2, download Pydio package, unzip, and then upload the Pydio file to the space, open with a browser will see the installation interface, first you will see Pydio detection results, PHP version requirements is more than 5.3, pydio the data directory and its subdirectories are required to read and write permission, otherwise it will error.

3, in addition Pydio to install MCrypt extension, no installed friends, if it is your own VPS, execute: Yum install libmcrypt libmcrypt-devel mcrypt Mhash, if you are using a virtual host, You will need to contact your hosting provider to help install it.

4, after the test passed, you can start to install Pydio, select Simplified Chinese. (If you want to skip the initial error detection, open the path of the Pydio directly:

5, choose to set an administrator account and password for Pydio.

6, then is set Pydio name and description and other basic person information.

7, Pydio installation can choose MySQL database and no database two modes, choose MySQL database for multi-user or enterprise users, no database installation is simple.

8, after the setup is complete, you can click Start to install Pydio.

9, this is Pydio online file management platform, the interface is refreshing and friendly, the entire station AJAX, you can drag freely. (Click to enlarge)

10, Pydio can directly online edit, move, delete, unzip files, support the right mouse button operation.

11, Pydio for pictures, music, video and other files can be directly online viewing and playback. (Click to enlarge)

12. Online experience, accessible:

Third, open source free File Manager-extplorer installation and use

1, extplorer official website:

    • 1. Official website:
    • 2,: Extplorer download

2, download Extplorer package, decompression will extplorer upload to space, there are two points to note, in the Extplorer package also has a scripts.tar.gz compression package, also need to unzip it, the other is to/EXTPLORER/FTP_ TMP is set to writable.

3, open the Extplorer path directly with the browser, using the default account and password Admin login.

4, into the extplorer first thing is to be extplorer default account and password modification.

5, this is the Extplorer online Web File Manager interface, like the Windows Explorer. (Click to enlarge)

6, Extplorer can edit, view, move, copy, extract files, directly right click the mouse can be manipulated.

7, Extplorer also comes with a number of file editor.

Four, Windows Classic user interface-kodexplorer use

1, kodexplorer official website:

    • 1. Official website:
    • 2,: Kodexplorer download

2, Kodexplorer can be used for online editing, compression backup, deployment, classic Windows interface operation, easy to get started, build personal private cloud, management network disk resources, the same classic Windows interface operation, you can browse the network disk music, video files, upload download fast and convenient.

3, directly upload Kodexplorer package to the space, set the data directory read and Write permissions, open the browser, using the default account and password: admin/admin login. This is the Kodexplorer File Manager interface. (Click to enlarge)

4. Kodexplorer can easily edit, delete, copy, unzip and so on.

5, Kodexplorer is not only a file online manager, but also an online personal web cloud system, similar to WEBQQ. (Click to enlarge)

6, Kodexplorer can play music online, video, but also provides a rich interface switching effect, very beautiful.

V. Comparison of Net2ftp,pydio,extplorer,kodexplorer

1, get started. Net2ftp and Extplorer,kodexplorer upload the program can be used directly, and Pydio also need to install, and Pydio to PHP space requirements are relatively high.

2, compatible applications. In these four web file managers, net2ftp and Pydio are good for phone support, especially net2ftp can remotely manage files on an FTP server.

3, user experience. The Pydio and Kodexplorer interfaces are beautifully designed, feature very much, and are also very handy for viewing pictures and playing music videos, as well as multi-user sharing operations.

Vi. free online Web File Manager Usage Summary

1, if it is in the space to find a file manager, Net2ftp and Extplorer is the most suitable, simple installation, the direct upload program can be used, powerful, FTP file management capabilities have been available.

2, if want to give in their own space to build a personal file storage management platform, then Pydio and kodexplorer than suitable, especially kodexplorer to Chinese support is good, but also added a lot of practical features.

Free online Web File Manager: net2ftp,pydio,extplorer,kodexplorer– powerful

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