HTML5 new semantic elements, JS common objects

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HTML5 New Semantic elements

<header>元素表示页面中一个内容区域或整个页面的标题,通常他可能是一个页面中的(指主体标记中的第一个元素),可以包含站点的标题、Logo和旗帜广告<header>    <img src="logo.png">    <h1>YEN的Java Web之路</h1></header>
<footer The ;  element represents a footnote to a block of an area throughout a page or page, usually containing some basic information, including some basic information: date, author, link to a related document, or copyright information <footer ;  <ul  >  <li ;  CopyRight &copy; www. YEN's personal website </li ;   <li ;  Links: Yen Github</ li ;  </ul   </footer ;   
<section>元素表示页面中的一个区域,例如:章节、页眉、页脚<section>    <h2>section的使用</h2>    <p>这里将讲授section的使用</p></section>
<article>Represents all the "body" parts of a document, page, or application, which should be independent, complete, externally referenced, and can be a blog post, a forum post, and so on, in addition to a<article>Should have their own headings and footnotes and other content.<article>    <header>        <H1>YEN's personal website</H1>    </Header>    <p>YEN, Major in software engineering, engaged in web development.</P>    <footer>2016-07-18</footer></Article>
<aside>元素用来表示页面或文章的附属信息部分,可以包含当前页面与主要内容相关的引用、侧边栏、广告、导航条等信息。<aside>    <h2></h2>    <ul>        QQ邮箱:[email protected]        CSDN名:YEN_CSDN        GitHub名:YEN-GitHub    </ul></aside>
<nav>Represents a navigation link area in a page<nav>    <ul>        <li><a href="html5page.jsp">Home</a> </li>        <li><a href="html5page.jsp">News</a> </li>        <li><a href="html5page.jsp">Video</a> </li>    </ul></nav>

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HTML5 new semantic elements, JS common objects

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