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HTML+CSS style settings

CSS: (cascading style Sheets) cascading style settings table.

The display of the Web page has a great relationship with its layout. Layout is mainly based on CSS to set, adjust.

The following is the process of using CSS in conjunction with HTML :

(1) Create a new CSS file (typically placed in a CSS folder in the same path as the HTML file)

(2) in HTML tag, use <link/> to CSS To reference

<link rel= "stylesheet" type= "Text/css" href= "file address /css filename . css"/>

(3) write style setting code in CSS file based on HTML tag or identifier

the basic syntax for CSS is: selector (Selector), property,and property value ( value )

The code form is:selector{property:Value}

Main selector : Tag tag ( tag of HTML itself),class identifier (custom), and ID Identifier (custom).

The selector uses the syntax :

(1) Tag tag directly after using tag with {}, example body{},table{},p{} , font{} and so on.

(2) Class identifier, with ". Identifier { attribute : property value;}" The form, for example. xs{Color:blue;}

(3) ID identifier, with "# identifier { attribute : property value;}" The form, example #xs {color:blue;}

Add: tag tag Selector When used, if more than one label set the same effect, can be combined to write. Set multiple labels with a space separated by a {} , and the different effects can be set separately.


HTML Code:

CSS Code:

           /*id Identifier • Example */#all {background-color: #F0F0F0;/* Set background color to light gray */width:600px;/* set this section to a width of 600 pixels */height:700px;/* height of 700 pixels */}.set{/* */text-align:center;/* text to the 1th row 1th column style setting */font-weight:bold/* text bold */}table{/* style settings for the whole table */width:500px;/* Set the table width to 500 pixels */height:400px;/* table Height 400 pixels */}

There are four ways to style settings: (see CSS features and four ways to add a webpage )

The 3 common types are:

(1) write directly in the label, such as

      <table style= "border-left-width:2px" ></table>/* Set table left border width is 2 pixels */

(2) written in , the syntax is:

<style type= "Text/css" >p{text-align:center;}/* Set the text center of the p label */</style>

(3) Save as an external . CSS file, referenced by <link/> statement. Example

style sheetSettable.cssfiles are placed inCSSfolder.

HTML+CSS style settings--css will

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