IPhone 6S has an issue that Apple doesn't want to discuss

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IPhone 6S has an issue that Apple doesn't want to discuss
This should be an unwritten rule. The new generation of iphones's launch brings a new generation of iOS, which invariably leads to problems with older models, but the newest and greatest iphones always work well. Some argue that this is an escalation plot, while others claim that old hardware is unavoidable.        But now this unwritten rule has been broken ... The famous Apple supporter AppleInsider to some extent the source of bad news.        It reports on a wide range of complaints from Apple's support community, which comes from iphone 6S users who suffer from a string of data (messages, calls and Safari logs, Apple health records, and even more). AppleInsider admits it has verified these issues through its own tests. And the call for this issue in the Apple support community has become very high with a lot of news from search results.
Although there is no doubt about data loss, the exact reasons are unclear. It is generally considered an icloud backup error in iOS 9. Some users say data loss occurs when they restore their new iphone 6S from an existing iphone 6S backup (considering a replacement phone).        Others say icloud backup is just broken. I was secretly also contacted by some iphone 6S owners, including some friends, who were troubled by the problem. The General option for factory reset now only causes the problem to be restored from these corrupted backups, without a fix.        While older iphones users did not report any problems, the issue had an unbiased impact on the iphone 6S and some (though less likely) iphone 6S Plus users. Interestingly, the feedback from Apple is very controversial. The affected users in the post contacted Apple support representatives and reported Apple's response to recognition of defects and denial of defects.        AppleInsider made sure the company was aware of the problem, but did not propose a timetable for repair.        To get this straight, I contacted Apple's media team in the United States and Britain, but after a delay, I was told the official response was "no comment". As with any hardware/software flaw in any platform, it is not possible to fully understand the problem, but the delay behind it means that Apple will need to act quickly. IOS 9.2 is already in beta (breaking the development speed record again) and it may bring a good fix.        It's best to have an immediate fix in iOS 9.1.x, though this could lead to conspiracy theories-a problem that has more impact than we know. Sometimes, you really can't win ... original URL:HTTP://WWW.MSN.COM/EN-US/NEWS/TECHNOLOGY/IPHONE-6S-HAS-PROBLEM-APPLE-WONT-DISCUSS/AR-BBNBHMP

IPhone 6S has an issue that Apple doesn't want to discuss

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