Learn Emmet (Zend Coding) and then start thinking about CSS or jquery selectors

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1. Develop HTML fast coding using VS or other editors. Using Emmet, this easy-to-use syntax is undoubtedly the quickest

First look at this code to remember this basically Emmet will be used, remember to put the cursor at the end of the expression press the TAB key

1 <!--2 Html:53 1. E represents the HTML tag. 4 2. E#id represents the id attribute. 5 3. E.class represents the Class attribute. 6 4. E[attr=foo] represents a specific attribute. 7 5. E{foo} means that the tag contains foo. 8 6. E>n means that N is a child element of E. 9 7. E+n means that N is the sibling element of E. Ten 8. E^n represents N is the superior element of E One ul#nav>li.item*4>a[href= ' http://www.baidu.com ']{test} A table> (thead>tr>th*5) + (tbody>tr>td*5) -  -

A small animation, by the way to practice writing blog amount, suddenly appear code to indicate that pressed the TAB key

2. Here is the text

In fact, for the CSS and jquery plus emment is actually used in the same way, the following comparison chart: ( know this I believe that novice players using the selector is more easily remembered )



Here are the highlights :

A. What syntax criteria does the browser use to parse?

B. Who prescribes the grammatical criteria for such selectors?

C. Similar to XPath and different, what kind of connection do they have?

Hope that one day the Daniel see can help answer, whistling ...

Learn Emmet (Zend Coding) and then start thinking about CSS or jquery selectors

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