Learn Coding-ios Open source project log (iv)

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Hello, everybody good, long time did not write the blog, today again to study the coding source code, has not seen.

As a beginner programmer, one of the effective ways to improve your level is to learn good projects. The beginning of this article will be updated on GitHub on the open source of a very good project a little learning accumulation. That is, to explore the other people write the source code, I learned something new? I am foolish, and the code age is not much, also about three years, the level is not high, if there is a setback, also look correct. I am happy to learn, happy to share, a wide knot, willing to communicate. Of course, the master can float over.

Coding-ios Project URL: Https://github.com/Coding/Coding-iOS readers interested can download themselves, of course, many of the third-party framework is not directly integrated into the reader itself through the project prompt processing.

In addition, there are official website introduction: HTTPS://CODING.NET/U/CODING/P/CODING-IOS/GIT#RD

Content Summary:

1, aboutJDStatusBarNotification

1, about JDStatusBarNotification :

First give GitHub Web site: https://github.com/jaydee3/JDStatusBarNotification 22 k More Oh, looks very reliable oh.

Here's a look at what this control does:

Learn Coding-ios Open source project log (iv)

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