Mac OS X: Implementing Read and write operations on Mac OS and windows for mobile hard drives

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Mac OS can only read in NTFS format by default.

The existing NTFS file system format of the mobile hard disk, inserted on Mac OS mounted after the read-only mode (read-only), unable to write operations.

Objective: You want to be able to read and write to both Mac OS and Windows without installing a third-party application .

Method: format the disk in FAT32 format (this format does not support a single file greater than 4GB) or exfat Format (this format supports a single file greater than 4GB) , both file system formats support read and write operations on Mac OS and Windows.


Step: Two-step operation is required.

1. Open the Disk utility:

Open "Finder"--"application"--"utilities"--"disk Utility"

2. Format the disk:

Open Disk Utility--"Select the disk partition you want to format"--select "Erase"--Choose Format: "MS-DOS (FAT)"

Confirm the format of the disk:


After the format is complete, mount the removable hard drive and write the test.



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Mac OS X: Implementing Read and write operations on Mac OS and windows for mobile hard drives

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