NETAPP Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Significant improvements for 7 mode

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NETAPP Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Significant improvements for 7 mode

Before NetApp released Cdot 8.3, many 7 of old users were reluctant to upgrade, except that the concept of CDOT was relatively complex, and the command line needed to be re-learned, for a total of two reasons.

    • Low disk usage

    • Reading performance is not high

For low-end devices, especially with very few disks, the disk usage in CDOT is lower than 7-mode. This is primarily CDOT, where root aggregation does not allow for user data, which requires each header to create at least one additional aggregation of data in addition to the root aggregation. In this case, the actual available space is very small, as each of the hot spares of the aggregation is counted.

To this end, CDOT 8.3 introduces the ADP (Advanced disk Partition) feature, which greatly improves disk usage by partitioning the built-in disks into root partitions and data partitions, and by supporting the allocation of data partitions to a single head (A-P) and to two headers (a-a).

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ADP Partitioning method

is for the FAS2500 series standard built-in 12 and 24 disk configurations, compared to the 7-mode available capacity changes. In addition to the FAS2554 AA mode, the other modes greatly increase the available space.

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So it is no longer a problem for users who hesitate to choose CDOT because of available space. And, CDOT brings a lot of features that can't be replaced in 7-mode, such as scale-out, unified namespaces, multi-tenancy with SVM, volume migration, load balancing, and so on.

The ADP feature supports all FAS2500 series as well as All-flash (AFF) and Flash Pool.

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At the same time, for the problem of low reading performance, cDOT8.3 is optimized for the path of reading data, bypassing the WAFL file system layer and passing directly from the RAID layer to the network layer. Furthermore, the recently released CDOT 8.3.1 has been further optimized, bypassing the file system layer and the raid layer directly, and returning directly to the network layer from the storage layer. This increases the latency of reading data by nearly 1 milliseconds . Recently, some customers have tested this part, and the improvement of read performance in real environment is very obvious from the client. For SSDs is also an obvious advantage.

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In conclusion, CDOT 8.3 and 8.3.1 have made significant improvements to the relatively weak two parts of the 7 model that are preventing customers from upgrading to CDOT, whether it is the upgrade of available space or the increase in read performance, and you can see that NetApp hears the voice of the user and responds. We believe that starting from the release of Cdot 8.3, we have seen more and more users choose CDOT to experience the various advanced features and conveniences that CDOT brings.

NETAPP Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Significant improvements for 7 mode

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