NetSuite software After the trial can bring the improvement and progress of the enterprise!

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Cloud-based services, such as SaaS ERP, have gained widespread recognition across a growing number of midsize businesses around the world. For a long time, cloud computing ERP vendors have been promoting the advantages of this ERP, for those who can not afford the traditional ERP cost of small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud computing ERP eliminates the hardware procurement costs to save the initial cost, based on the rapid application of Web server to save deployment times, It also reduces the workload of the internal IT team in terms of system maintenance. However, many companies have yet to realize that some of the potential advantages of the cloud ERP system are in deep upper shadow and the enterprise's IT strategy is being deployed.

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After experimenting with NetSuite ERP, analyze the three benefits of NetSuite based on the SaaS model:

SaaS ERP system can promote China's rapid development of Enterprise's listing plan or merger with large companies

Managing financial data is a nightmare for emerging companies that expand their business at two or three times times a year. Financial data is related to all business processes, and poor management will affect the company's listing plan. SaaS ERP enables SMEs to reduce their initial investment costs and flexibly increase the number of system users based on the growth of their business. This means that fast-growing companies can quickly deploy SaaS ERP systems before they go public to successfully complete a listing plan. That's why NetSuite's ERP system was chosen by the dozens of fast-growing software companies in the United States to advance and match their listing plans.

Similar to listing, mergers and acquisitions by midsize companies can become easier in the SaaS ERP model. A large cloud computing provider assists the financial audit process by providing system tools such as audit trails to ensure the formal nature of the merger process. At the same time, because SaaS ERP providers are used by thousands of companies worldwide and undergo rigorous audits, product quality is beyond doubt. As a result, SaaS ERP systems can be effectively used as a benchmark for financial compliance and data security.

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SaaS ERP system enables SMBs to experience unprecedented data security in cloud technology

In the cloud-based system, whether it is ERP or storage, it is generally believed that its data security than the data stored in the company's computer server will be worse. In fact, for most midsize businesses, storing data on a local server does not have any security advantage. On the contrary, there are many reasons to prove that this approach is more risky. One of the professional functions of cloud computing providers is to ensure the security of user data. NetSuite is the largest cloud computing provider in the United States, and its commitment to protecting user data, such as environmental security measures, operational security procedures and data encryption protocols, is something that small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford.

This is why public cloud computing systems have so far had fewer security vulnerabilities. And the vast majority of SME executives in the United States that use cloud computing solutions have reflected the increased security of data using cloud computing systems.

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SaaS ERP gives enterprises the advantage of best practices and flexible system customization

Each company is faced with an important choice in selecting an ERP system, whether it is a system that already conforms to a specific industry standard workflow, or a new system built from scratch using an open source or similar platform. The first choice for the enterprise is not flexible enough to meet the changing business needs of the enterprise, the second choice needs to establish an IT team, will result in a large number of enterprise human and time resources loss.

The SaaS ERP system provided by NetSuite meets the financial common criteria of different countries in the world, while providing flexible and customized functions. For small and medium-sized enterprises in China, NetSuite localization is what they must face, as NetSuite's earliest domestic partner, Trigger Networks Trig provide solutions including finance, distribution, project management, e-commerce and other modules.

The benefits of the combination of these two advantages for SMEs cannot be underestimated, as are the general financial guidelines and customizable features. SMEs often do not have enough resources to develop their systems from scratch, but they need to adapt their strategies to changing business needs. SaaS ERP provides a way for small and medium-sized businesses.

NetSuite software After the trial can bring the improvement and progress of the enterprise!

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