Nokia Strong return! Homemade mobile phone can you shout?

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"Abstract" Nokia, one of the world's hundreds of-year-old famous brands, though once lost, still has a respectable place. If you rely on capital and technology comeback, back to the Chinese market, will be the impact of domestic mobile phones. This for domestic handset manufacturers, is definitely a panic anxiety. After all, Nokia has been around for so many years, and there are strong basic technologies. It's also very possible to think about it.

Wen/Sindongfang (Gen Y author, columnist, focus on internet technology)

Recently, just attended the 2016 China (Shenzhen) It leaders summit of the Yu-Mobile chairman Zhang Yuping that Nokia relied on strong capital and technology, once dominated the world. Despite being in the future, Nokia still has a comparable sex. Nokia is not only a symbol of the times, but also a new technology to replace the memory process of old technologies.

Zhang Yuping, mobile chairman, was invited to attend the 2016 China (Shenzhen) It leaders Summit

Nokia, an unfamiliar name, is a company that has been around the world for hundreds of years to build a world-famous handset maker known for its mobile phones. The end of 2015 was released by the media, to return to the mobile phone market, back once the mobile phone brilliant moment. For this rumor, domestic handset manufacturers do not relax their vigilance. If Nokia is really back in China's mobile phone market, then domestic and Nokia must have a contest. Since the end of 2015, the author Sindongfang A survey on the Web: If Nokia returns to China's mobile phone market, former Nokia users say: I will also buy Nokia.

Previously, Nokia's handset business had been acquired by Microsoft. September 3, 2013, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia Devices and services (Nokia Mobile) at a price of about 5.44 billion euros, and was licensed for patents and brands. Nokia will strive to develop the three pillars of Here Map services, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and leading technologies. April 25, 2014, Nokia announced the completion of a mobile phone business with Microsoft, formally exit the mobile phone market.

At that time, Nokia's mobile phone business was acquired by Microsoft, whether in the industry or in the industry caused a great shock. Shenzhen has Nokia employees issued feelings (see the following title "Nokia Employees Feelings")

Coincidentally, Google's takeover of Motorola and now Microsoft's takeover of Nokia is a fantasy. After two years, Nokia again entered the mobile phone industry, adding intelligent terminal research.

As early as this summer, Nokia unveiled a futuristic virtual reality camera in the United States, Ozo as a professional-grade spherical shooting device, with 8 cameras in a spherical shape, each with a 2k x 2k resolution. Does this mean that Nokia is returning to the mobile market with a strong signal to release it!

Does this mean that Nokia's foray into the mobile phone market has unleashed a strong signal

Nokia's return to mobile phone market next year: With Nokia's C1 new machine exposed, the market's comments on Nokia's return to China's mobile phone market in 2016 have been on the back of the news, following the expiry of the deal.

The latest IDC research report shows that in January-November this year, domestic brands of mobile phone shipments of 381 million, accounting for the entire domestic mobile phone shipments of 82.5%. The overall rise of domestic brands is obvious, this is to return to the Chinese market of Nokia, virtually create a new market barrier.

Media reports and industry commentary, the overwhelming is the acquisition of all kinds of conspiracy theory, undercover theory, believe that the time to move things easy, do not need too long, when the tide receded, everything is like nothing happened. Two years ago, the controversy was only a sign that Nokia and Microsoft had signed a mobile-phone business agreement, rather than a takeover rumor.

Nokia came to today, although Rome, Humpty, but a lot of things should not be wiped out, it is still worth inheriting and circulating things. If only new people for the old, no reflection, summary and inheritance, a stick to kill the whole, then history can only be repeated in a variety of ways. Yesterday's Motorola, today's Nokia, may be tomorrow's Fruit and star stars.

The feelings of Nokia employees

September 3, 2013, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia Devices and services (Nokia Mobile) at a price of about 5.44 billion euros, and was licensed for patents and brands. At the time, a Nokia employee in office said that the changes in the Nokia era are huge.

The employee said in the article that, for many Nokia and Nokia users, Microsoft's acquisition, even if it will continue to use Nokia logo on the phone, but it is not the original Nokia. For us, Nokia represents a typical Nordic style and spirit. "Today, a company that represents a typical Nordic style is declining, and whether we can say that some kind of spirit that was once admired by the world is gradually fading." ”

To the Nokia headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, people will be very sad, this quiet and harmonious corner of the Earth, can get out of such a product all over the world of companies.

Nokia was acquired, Vapavori, Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs, said: "For Finland, this will mean the end of an era." ”

Yes, the huge "spiritual impact" and the long-term economic impact of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business, far from being bought by a company, has been a perennial pride and one of Finland's tax pillars. Remember when you were on a business trip to Helsinki, whenever you knew that you were a Nokia Foreign Office employee, not a Finnish driver like Beijing taxi driver, would talk and open a conversation.

The employee also said that the Nokia market value of more than 100 billion dollars, the heyday of the year. Although I have worked in several large multinational companies, I was also surprised by its generosity. Just entered Nokia, I do not have any project, the boss gave me the next year's arrangement not to talk about product projects, the first is to take out the map, pen, circled a few countries, let me go again.

Nokia Ozo or will be 2016 summer login China

Once Nokia's mobile phone business was acquired by Microsoft, it is a shame to be a world-renowned mobile device manufacturer. But society is realistic, not buying a lot of time means bankruptcy or failure. This is also a huge test for Nokia.

Over the past two years, Nokia must have thought a lot. As early as this summer, Nokia released Nokia C1 new Machine. There are also insiders pointed out that Nokia's return to the Chinese market is not. They believe that the continuous innovation of domestic smartphone manufacturers, Apple, Samsung and other foreign handset manufacturers of the Chinese market share is stepping back. This trend is bound to continue until 2016, domestic mobile phones have been on the road of full rise.

Therefore, the Nokia mobile phone business to really enter the Chinese market really needs the test of the market. Facing home-made mobile phone unified Android System Camp, it is really difficult for Nokia to integrate.

Now the market competition is very fierce, a product to really survive in the market, it must accept the law of the market: the survival of the fittest. So it's no exception for a Nokia mobile device service manufacturer who once became famous for making mobile phones.

Some people think that Nokia return to the Chinese mobile phone market no play? Sindongfang that it is not necessarily, after all, the final market. In the market to accept thousands of blows, accept the reality of baptism and grow up brand, will eventually be accepted and recognized by the market.

Nokia's once-mobile-phone business, perhaps just a figure, is not worth describing too much. After all, everyone is not the same way, not to mention that Nokia is once the international big brand it!

Mobile phone replacement speed is relatively fast

Mobile phone, as a convenient communication communication tool, in human communication world, social play an irreplaceable role. So many years have passed, a variety of mobile phone brands, the market is flying. No matter what kind of mobile phone, human communication has a tremendous role in promoting. Mobile phones create borderless exchanges without Borders, completely out of the history of the Telegraph. It can be said that the birth of mobile phones. Human communication has really made progress and is a huge leap forward.

Nokia's return to the mobile phone market, maybe it's not just a joke, it's happening around us! Some people may feel this strong signal, while others don't pay much attention.

Some things you like not to like, it all exists! Nokia's return to the Chinese market is by no means a joke, and something or material is never out of the question.

Summer 2016, coming soon! Is it true that Nokia is back in China's mobile phone market? We wait for time to verify all this!

Nokia Strong return! Homemade mobile phone can you shout?

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