Open source CMS site commonly used 13 kinds of PHP open-source CMS comparison

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1. Mambo-mambo, a foreign CMS system, features very powerful, support to add many components, modules; Rich templates official:
2. Lingbo-limbo (Lite Mambo), as the name implies, evolved from Mambo. The aim is to simplify the original mambo system while inheriting some powerful features and features of Mambo, making it lighter and smaller. At the same time, limbo supports three kinds of installation methods: TXT, Mysql, SQLite. Official:
3.HBCMS: A PHP officially recommended Pear+smarty technology architecture cms,2006 Year only launched, fully in line with the development trend of the CMS, simple, easy to use, beautiful. I tested it locally, it's easy to get started, especially for inexperienced newcomers to do the site. At least not be intimidated by complex functions. Of course, it also has a variety of complex functions, just to see if you need to use. Using PHP's officially recommended Pear+smarty technology is an important feature of the CMS's sustainable development, and many functions are done directly using the Pear class library. Install one step, the default comes with some templates, it is recommended. It should be noted that the official website claims to be open source, if so, familiar with pear PHP programmer is easy to get started. Official Chinese version:
4.supsite-a PHP program system that automatically transforms forum resources into a portal, uses Supesite, and uses your existing forums, you will automatically have a fully functional, resource-rich site system, from the forum to the website, everything is done automatically, you do not need any interference. Make it easy for you to build your website. Official: Http://
5.phpcms-an integrated website management system, generated by the Php+mysql architecture of the entire station HTML, can be quickly and efficiently applied to Linux and Windows Server platform, is currently the best Web management application solution in China Linux Environment official: HTTP//
6. Wind news website Content Management System (FOOSUNCMS)-is the wind news company accumulated years of experience, through the designers carefully designed to meet the international requirements of the website Information Management system. Official:
7.DEDE-This is an open source cms. The function is also relatively perfect, but the data volume is very slow. Because of open source, there are more players and advocates. Official:
8.php168-php168 whole station system, code all open source, can be conveniently two times development, function module can be installed and deleted freely, the individual user free to use. Official:
9. Imperial Website Management System-ECMS is called "Imperial Website Management System", the English translation is "Empire CMS", referred to as "Ecms". ECMs is based on B/s structure, and powerful and easy-to-use website management system. Official: Http://
10. The Easy Total Station system (CMSEZ)-cmsez integrates rich functional modules, including user management, press release, information release, product display, image management, attachment management, online shop, data download, multimedia browsing/playback, etc. Official:
11.toenda, German-style rigorous, support PostgreSQL and SQLite, small applications enough. Official:
12.Joomla, the most popular CMS, many templates, popularity is very prosperous, the development of large space. It is expected that version 1.1 will begin to provide a database abstraction layer to support PostgreSQL. Official:
13.TYPO3, a typical German-style product, a truly content-centric management system, fine-grained control, a huge scale of expansion libraries, it is hard to believe there will be such large open source software. There is a data abstraction layer extension that indirectly supports PostgreSQL. Official:
Dedecms is very easy to use, set up a template is also very convenient, code is reasonable, relative to other CMS much better, the most important is open source. , now the hottest online, there have been many major stations in the use of this CMS, China Webmaster Station is the use of this CMS.

The above introduces the open source CMS station commonly used 13 kinds of PHP open-source CMS comparison, including the content of open-source CMS, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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